Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 30, 2017


How are y'all doing this week??????????????

haha when Sister Lin said that this area was "challenged" she just about hit it on the head. It's been a pretty long week. No one here is willing to talk with us for more than about 3 seconds. The area is very rural, 99% of which is taken up by rice fields. Apparently some stuff went down here like 6-7 years ago when some bishop in Dou Liu (the neighboring area) forged some numbers so that they could get a chapel over there. When the chapel was built, they moved what used to be the Hu Wei Ward over to the Dou Liu chapel for meetings (they previously had a rented place). When everything came out about the forging and them having to move chapels, like everyone went inactive and Hu Wei became the 30 member branch that it is now. But aside from all that the members here are super awesome! It's filled with really strongfamililes. the branch president went tracting with us wednesday night. We got to meet the Li Family on New Years Day (the family that makes up like half the branch). They have a really interesting family - the mom and dad both joined the church when they were really young. One Son, brandon is the elders quorum president, who married a Japanese girl and they now have 3 kids. Their daughter served in Temple Square and met her husband, who is malaysian at BYU Hawaii. They have 3 kids as well.  Their third kid hasn't married yet. He went to BYU I for art and is the ward mission leader. The companion is a bro! He said he knows exactly where Eagle Mountain is. He came out on his mission when Elder Stroud, my trainee came out. He loves movies. Sorry to hear you got released Senor, sounds like you were really making a connection there. Dont worry though, there are still plenty of ways you can help with missionary work ;)

Garrett.....i dont hear from him often. Hope everything goes smoothly.

As far as rooming for the fall..I'd say just go ahead and get a place where me and smeag could live together and suffer the consequences if he doesntget in...i think he will...the other people that i had maybe talked about rooming with were Dirk and Brian and Jacob from freshman year but none of that was for sure. I'd rather not live at 19 and above heritage because it reminds me too much of freshman year but i could go for whatever. What does smeag think?

hahaha dad we do not use tablets of any kind. It's kinda a running joke now that everytime there's a new announcement in the mission its that we're finally getting ipads. But our mission wont have them for a while. Soo in the meantime we just make fun of the pampered life of all those who do have them :)

I have seen lift! I really like that video. we actually showed it to our ward in Gao Xiong to get them inspired to help with Brother Huang if you remember him. 

Other things from the week...we had a broadcast from Saltlake where they made some changes to the missionary schedule. Pday is now 8-6 instead of 10:30-6 along with some other stuff like studies. The Chinese New Year is in full swing...which makes everyone not want to talk to us even more. Lots of fireworks, food, and buses decked out with different Daoist Gods rolling around blasting music.

Dont know what else to say...I know that God wants me in Hu Wei for a reason. Even though it sucks right now, I trust in the promise that God can do His own work.

Love yall have a great week!

Elder Nelson


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