Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017 Potatoes and Pollution


How are y'all doing this week?????????????????????????????????

Yeah not gonna lie, did not even feel the earthquake. We were probably out cold when it hit.

This week...was a really good week.We were finally able to share the message of the restoration a few times, which i guess was something that i had taken for granted. A couple of cool people that we met: V, who had run into missionaries before when he was up north but just didn't meet with them because he didn't have time. He said if this message was true, he would share it with everyone...he also kind of has a "i need to see it to believe it" mentality. Another guy is Brother Z , a 25 year old working at a gas station. He said he's gonna read the Book of Mormon and find out for himself if it's true. 

Random tidbits: Apparently the Tiger Tail is a sketchy place. As in people die here. Members have consistently died every year from freak accidents. Just a few months before i got here ( while my companion was already here) was the most recent, when a recently baptized man got crushed in some big machine working in a factory. Also the pollution here is terrible. Every morning I look out and breathe in the Tiger Tail air, feeling years of my life being shaved off.

Oh and on Sunday we drove an hour to find this potential investigator, got lost for a while then eventually found him. He led us out to one of his fields (he's a farmer) where there were a bunch of A ma's picking potatoes out. We offered to help and ended spending an hour helping them pick tons and tons of potatoes into these humongous boxes and bags. We had been fasting that day so after we finished we were absolutely exhausted. Then tracting that night though we met a few potential families!

I feel like there was something else i was supposed to tell y'all but i forgot. Like every week... Love yall have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson


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