Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18, 2017


How are y'all??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yeah i didn't really want to  start talking about that kind of stuff but i'd rather not be totally lost/ a mess when i get back so i thought it would be best to try to start thinking about some details. I think as of now, at least for the fall, i'll be going back to BYU. The reasons for wanting to go to UT would have nothing to do with money or school or which friends or family i would be with. Butttt i think as for now it just makes sense to go back to BYU. I talked to President about the Ecclesiastical endorsement. do you think there would be any job that i could get where i could use my chinese for over the summer? I dont know maybe you could keep your ears and eyes on the lookout for something. Lifeguarding would not be my first option but it is an option.

MLC is missionary leadership council, when all of the leaders of the mission get together and talk about the mission. ZTM is zone training meeting, a  meeting run by the zone leaders to conduct training on random stuff.

I did get the mandarin english letter! Like i said though, if it was traditional characters id be able to read it better! :) Thank you for the note pops.

T and S would be good with just about anything i think. I know i for sure want to take Steven to the space stuff downtown and I was thinking maybe an astros game? besides that i dont really know. Do you have any other ideas?

Everyone's doing great over here, A is sharing the gospel with his family and friends like a mad man. Probably the coolest thing that happened this week was when we went on exchanges this week with the elders in our neighboring area. Turns out the guy that they baptized a couple weeks ago was someone that i had contacted at a red light on my first day in Wu Feng. I specifically remember the contact, but had thought he had disappeared or whatever. I remember him because it was the Chinese Father's day and when i asked him how he was doing he said not great because his father had died on father's day many years ago. I remember talking with him about the Plan of Salvation. Turns out ( i learned all of this later from Elder Wightman)while his father was in prison he learned about Jesus Christ and was baptized in another church. His dad eventually got really sick and called up his son telling them they were gonna take him off of life support When J (the guy i had contacted) gets there his dad tells him his heart had actually stopped beating and had a vision of sorts where he saw God who told him he had 3 days left at which point he called up J and his minister. He died exactly three days later on Father's day. When Jeffrey saw how happy his dad was to see his minister, he decided that he had to figure out which church was the true church. He spent years in the library researching about different religions, their history etc until that day i talked to him for 2 minutes at a red light on the anniversary of his father's death. He said when he heard the plan of salvation it just felt right. He got baptized a couple months later, in December It was a big testimony to me that no effort we make is ever wasted. We may not see the influence of every effort that we make until much later, if at all. But God's plan is perfect and we're all a little piece in the big(emphasis on big) puzzle

Love y'all have a great week!

Elder Nelson


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