Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017

Hey fam sorry not a lot of time.

Sunday our church service finishes at 12:30. A member is having us for lunch afterwards. Somtime in that afternoon period we will be calling. So like sometime in the middle of the night for y'all..sorry!

R is doing great! Accepted all of the commandments and is really excited for his baptismal goal at the end of May!

I love being a missionary. There is no work that brings greater satisfaction.

will be seeing you soon!

Elder Nelson


Sunday, April 30, 2017

May 1, 2017

                                   Bob's Baptism in the Tiger Tail

P-day in the Jungle

Last Hair cut in Taiwan

Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday April 24, 2016 Last Month of the Mission!


How are y'all??????????????????????????????????????????

Can't believe that they already have my flight time already figured out...where did the time go?

Life continues on in the tiger tail. B is getting baptized this Saturday, which he's really excited for. We went to the Nan Tou Mountains for Pday today.

Lots of stories to tell y'all in 4ish weeks. 

I'll try to call on mothers day, not sure about time yet though. Probably after out church service which ends at 12 30 our time.

Love yall have a great week!

Elder Nelson


Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017


How are y'all doing??????

First a question. Mom do you really want me to skype on mother's day? 

Everything is going well over here. I sent y'all a ton of pictures of some of our pday escapades so hopefully they came through.

We're really excited about B. He's planning on getting baptized on the 29th of April. He's more active than a lot of our members haha. He's a little miracle himself. A month or so ago we walked into a Family Mart (one of the billion convenience stores sprinkled across the island) and saw him studying. At which point he said he was kinda busy studying and we asked if he'd have another time we could get to know him. He left his number and that was that. About a 25 second contact.

R and C also made it out to church this last Sunday! They're both doing great and are reading the Book of Mormon daily. C was that lady from the red light and R was a guy that we found in just a short 10 minute period of time in between lessons.

You know, it's funny that you'd bring up J again Senor because it's been amazing to realize that the effects of the work we do will never totally be seen by us. But every so often God lets us see these small little miracles. Just this morning, i dont know why but as we were biking to the train station I felt like we needed to bike really fast and get there as soon as possible. I didn't think anything of it until when we got there we ran into one of our relatively new investigators K (chemistry high school teacher) who we hadn't been able to get a hold of the past couple days. She proceeded to set up a time for later in the week. It wasn't till after I finished talking with her that i realized the small "nudge."

The work is really starting to pick up in the tiger tail. I love being a missionary and am excited to tell y'all even more about it when the time comes.

The thing that i keep realizing more and more is kinda like what Elder Holland reminded us in his talk "The First Great Commandment" - "What I need, (Elder Nelson), are disciples—and I need them forever. I need someone to feed my sheep and save my lambs. I need someone to preach my gospel and defend my faith. I need someone who loves me, truly, truly loves me, and loves what our Father in Heaven has commissioned me to do. Ours is not a feeble message. It is not a fleeting task. It is not hapless; it is not hopeless; it is not to be consigned to the ash heap of history." The journey of coming to know, truly know, Jesus Christ is a long one. And it starts now.

Love you have a great week!

Elder Nelson

Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017 No News for Last Two Weeks - Explanation this week!


How are y'all doing????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sorry i need to repent for not emailing y'all the past couple weeks. It's just that, as much as i hate to say it, my time left here is not a lot so our p-days have been filled with a lot of attempts to soak in as much of Taiwan as possible while i still have it. The past couple weeks we went to Ken Ding, which is the Hawaii of Taiwan and this famous museum in Tai Nan that I've always wanted to go to. Today we're going to a famous mountain range to the east of Jia Yi called A Li Shan. Pics will probably coming next week.

The work is going great here in Taiwan. We have an investigator named B who's super awesome! He comes to church, english class, the single adult FHE and institute every week. He's loving everything. 

We also have a couple others who we're really excited about - E a freshman in college who's experiencing a lot of change in her life and wants to find some direction, C a 30 something single lady who ran into missionaries up north before but is now in yun lin, and K, a highschool chemistry teacher who's also super awesome.

Elder Bennett's doing great. It's been amazing to see him progress with the language, ability to talk to people, etc. I'm blessed to be able to work with someone who's willing to work hard for the last stretch.

Conference was great, we watched it on a week delay because of the translation. The biggest message that hit home to me : charity, true love, striving to become a real Christian.

Just because i dont write much doesn't mean i don't love you. I'll be happy to tell you all you want to hear and then some when it's all over. Have a great week! :)

Elder Nelson

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017

How are y'allll???????????????
Life is good in the tiger tail.
Met this awesome lady who we're really excited about named Carol.
The companion's doing well. Adjusting slowly but surely.
Pictures are worth 1000 words so I hope the amount of pictures make up for the lack of words.
Love y'all have a great week!
Elder Nelson

A Pictorial Account With Elder Nelson And Elder Bennett


                                  In The Tiger Tail


Note Rice Farmer in Distance 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 6 and 13, 2017 Continuing in the Tiger Tail

So sorry - we lost a couple weeks from Outlook.  But life continues in the Tiger Tail with a new comp. Elder Bennet (a newbie from Utah).  Took a 2 hr bike ride to find a man in the hospital.  No addresses in this rural area so it was quite a search.  Doing well - to be continued next week...

Thursday, March 2, 2017

February 27th - Changes!



How are y'all doin'??????????????????????????????????????????????????


Hey mom i need you to send me your pulled pork recipe, And any barbecue recipes that you may have.


Yeah it gets a little cold here around this time of the year! The winter is probably about to start finishing up though.


Zhang Lao Jiao is the Presbyterian Church in Chinese. Most of the really strong real Christians in Taiwan are Presbyterian. 


Yes we eat a lot of rice....when it's dinner time one companion looks at the other and is like well what are you feeling, rice, noodles or dumplings?


the bike definitely does not have 3 months left in it. It's clanking pretty bad, i'll have to get it fixed up this week.


Ummmmm so main news this week, Elder Johnson's moving down South and I will be training a new missionary these next couple transfers, which means i will almost for sure be finishing my mission here in the tiger tail. We pick up the trainees this Friday. For the interim I will be with the neighboring Elders for a few days. 


this week we met with Brother L again and were able to review the restoration with the branch president there... in the end the result was good as he was willing to take the book of mormon, read it and pray about it again. He has 3 children and we're really excited for his family. Send prayers his way that he will get his answer!


Love y'all have a great week!


Elder Nelson

Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017 The Perfectness of Gods Plan

Year of the Rooster 2017


How are y'all doing this week??????????????????

Lol Pops no one does their home teaching in Taiwan. It's kinda sad. Also a partial reason why Taiwan has so many less active members. And also LOL we do not have a car. I meant just biking around from place to place. Sorry my English has gotten worse since being over here.

We went and saw the Lantern Festival for all of Taiwan! The president was there and they had this really big rooster that lit up. # culture

Hey do y'all remember A? She was one of my first investigators found and taught in Taiwan back when i was in Feng Jia. Well she got baptized this last Saturday!!! As I'm on the mission longer and longer i keep seeing the beauty of God's timing and plan unfold. So cool!

We had a cool experience when we went to visit this less active member that the branch mission leader wanted us to go visit. We spent an hour biking through the paddies in the middle of nowhere, Taiwan until we eventually get to the area where he lives. But, in rural Taiwan street names don't exist. They just have names of villages and then they randomly place houses of different numbers in it. So we go up to this house and ask the lady if she knows where this guy lives and she very angrily says NO. Then her father comes to the door and in Taiwanese is like "what are you talking about? He lives right over there" (pointing to a house, as his daughter tells him not to tell us). Anyways after getting past many barking, ferocious dogs (everyone in the rural areas have guard dogs that are more like bears than dogs) we eventually get to the house where we find out the guy is at work. Buttt we start talking to his older brother, who is coinicidentally back for the holidays. We talk with him about the message we're sharing and he's totally willing to learn more! So we sent off his information to the missionaries down South and he'll be meeting with them next week. Once again the perfectness of God's plan..

We also had a cool experience yesterday. I just copied and pasted my letter to President below so y'all could see it too.
This week was a great week here in the tiger tail! I really feel like things are slowly starting to grow here in Hu Wei. Yesterday was one of the highlights of the week. We decided to go tracting last night, as we know that Sundays are great times to find families at home. Instead of just randomly picking a street and going for it, we decided to first say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father where we should go. As we were biking, my companion all of a sudden said, "Here!" And as i looked to the right I also had a similar feeling that that was where we should tract. At first it was the usual rejections of "Bu Yong" and "Mei Kong." After some time though we started to see amazing things happen. We found 4 families, one of which already set up another time for us to come back. The father's older sister recently had been encouraging him to go to church so he had gone to "Zhang Lao Jiao" for 6 months previously until this last month when he had stopped going. Coincidentally, he had also ran into the missionaries 6 or 7 years ago and had 2 Book of Mormons. He had been praying for an opportunity to go to church again and to know whether this was the right thing to do for his family. He very adamantly told us that he was "Zhang Lao Jiao," but as we had the opportunity to bear testimony of the restoration, you could tell he was touched by the Spirit. This week we're going to pray about who would be good to help "pei ke" and get them progressing in the gospel. I am a firm believer that when we are humble enough to do things in God's way, that is when the miracles come. Thank you for all of your love and support!

Love y'all have a great week!

Elder Nelson at Festival of Lanterns

Anna's baptism 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017 Potatoes and Pollution


How are y'all doing this week?????????????????????????????????

Yeah not gonna lie, did not even feel the earthquake. We were probably out cold when it hit.

This week...was a really good week.We were finally able to share the message of the restoration a few times, which i guess was something that i had taken for granted. A couple of cool people that we met: V, who had run into missionaries before when he was up north but just didn't meet with them because he didn't have time. He said if this message was true, he would share it with everyone...he also kind of has a "i need to see it to believe it" mentality. Another guy is Brother Z , a 25 year old working at a gas station. He said he's gonna read the Book of Mormon and find out for himself if it's true. 

Random tidbits: Apparently the Tiger Tail is a sketchy place. As in people die here. Members have consistently died every year from freak accidents. Just a few months before i got here ( while my companion was already here) was the most recent, when a recently baptized man got crushed in some big machine working in a factory. Also the pollution here is terrible. Every morning I look out and breathe in the Tiger Tail air, feeling years of my life being shaved off.

Oh and on Sunday we drove an hour to find this potential investigator, got lost for a while then eventually found him. He led us out to one of his fields (he's a farmer) where there were a bunch of A ma's picking potatoes out. We offered to help and ended spending an hour helping them pick tons and tons of potatoes into these humongous boxes and bags. We had been fasting that day so after we finished we were absolutely exhausted. Then tracting that night though we met a few potential families!

I feel like there was something else i was supposed to tell y'all but i forgot. Like every week... Love yall have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson


February 6, 2017


How are y'all this week????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This week was a great week. 

We had a funny story where we had to bike an hour plus in the middle of rice paddies to this guy's house that we had contacted earlier in the week. In the rural parts of Taiwan they dont have street names and all of the numbers are super random. They will just assign it a village name and say its somewhere in there. So it took us forever to find it but we eventually did. Turned out to be two guys who were pretty drunk. I taught a short restoration to the more sober one while the other yelled at my companion in Taiwanese  for half an hour about his girlfriend. They brought out a shiny plate of tomatoes swarming in flies to treat us. Kinda one of those "you had to be there moments."

Besides that, we found a lot of interested families this week! All in other areas. So we continue to find all day every day.

Kinda outta time sorry but here's a scripture that's given me drive the past couple weeks in D&C 123:17. See what y'all can get out of it.

Love y'all have a great week!

Elder Nelson


(Sorry , the editor was OOT last week visiting with Phil/Mish & Kids)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 30, 2017


How are y'all doing this week??????????????

haha when Sister Lin said that this area was "challenged" she just about hit it on the head. It's been a pretty long week. No one here is willing to talk with us for more than about 3 seconds. The area is very rural, 99% of which is taken up by rice fields. Apparently some stuff went down here like 6-7 years ago when some bishop in Dou Liu (the neighboring area) forged some numbers so that they could get a chapel over there. When the chapel was built, they moved what used to be the Hu Wei Ward over to the Dou Liu chapel for meetings (they previously had a rented place). When everything came out about the forging and them having to move chapels, like everyone went inactive and Hu Wei became the 30 member branch that it is now. But aside from all that the members here are super awesome! It's filled with really strongfamililes. the branch president went tracting with us wednesday night. We got to meet the Li Family on New Years Day (the family that makes up like half the branch). They have a really interesting family - the mom and dad both joined the church when they were really young. One Son, brandon is the elders quorum president, who married a Japanese girl and they now have 3 kids. Their daughter served in Temple Square and met her husband, who is malaysian at BYU Hawaii. They have 3 kids as well.  Their third kid hasn't married yet. He went to BYU I for art and is the ward mission leader. The companion is a bro! He said he knows exactly where Eagle Mountain is. He came out on his mission when Elder Stroud, my trainee came out. He loves movies. Sorry to hear you got released Senor, sounds like you were really making a connection there. Dont worry though, there are still plenty of ways you can help with missionary work ;)

Garrett.....i dont hear from him often. Hope everything goes smoothly.

As far as rooming for the fall..I'd say just go ahead and get a place where me and smeag could live together and suffer the consequences if he doesntget in...i think he will...the other people that i had maybe talked about rooming with were Dirk and Brian and Jacob from freshman year but none of that was for sure. I'd rather not live at 19 and above heritage because it reminds me too much of freshman year but i could go for whatever. What does smeag think?

hahaha dad we do not use tablets of any kind. It's kinda a running joke now that everytime there's a new announcement in the mission its that we're finally getting ipads. But our mission wont have them for a while. Soo in the meantime we just make fun of the pampered life of all those who do have them :)

I have seen lift! I really like that video. we actually showed it to our ward in Gao Xiong to get them inspired to help with Brother Huang if you remember him. 

Other things from the week...we had a broadcast from Saltlake where they made some changes to the missionary schedule. Pday is now 8-6 instead of 10:30-6 along with some other stuff like studies. The Chinese New Year is in full swing...which makes everyone not want to talk to us even more. Lots of fireworks, food, and buses decked out with different Daoist Gods rolling around blasting music.

Dont know what else to say...I know that God wants me in Hu Wei for a reason. Even though it sucks right now, I trust in the promise that God can do His own work.

Love yall have a great week!

Elder Nelson


Monday, January 23, 2017

Transfer to Hu Wei


How are y'all this week?????????????????????????????????????????

Yeah pops there's a big difference between simplified and traditional! I think Taiwan is one of like 2 countries in the world who uses traditional characters for everything. Everyone everywhere else, including China is simplified. A lot of them are very similar but a lot dont look alike at all too. 

Yeah maybe something with tutoring, or even translating. Someone was telling me about something where you take a family or a couple families around as kinda like a tour guide to see some sights as well.

So the big news of the week is thattttttt i got moved! Im now in a place called 虎尾 which is in the middle of the island and VERY rural. Its name translated into English is Hu Wei(pronounced like Wei Ren   wei) which means Tiger Tail. There have apparently been 3 baptisms here in the past 6 YEARS. So anyways im super pumped to change that! haha We attend a branch of 20 members which apparently is all comprised of one big family, their children, spouses and kids, etc. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, i'd made a lot of really good friends in that area but im excited to be here. My new companion is elder Johnson from Saratoga Springs, Utah.

Love yall have a great week!!!!!!!!!

Elder Nelson


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18, 2017


How are y'all??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yeah i didn't really want to  start talking about that kind of stuff but i'd rather not be totally lost/ a mess when i get back so i thought it would be best to try to start thinking about some details. I think as of now, at least for the fall, i'll be going back to BYU. The reasons for wanting to go to UT would have nothing to do with money or school or which friends or family i would be with. Butttt i think as for now it just makes sense to go back to BYU. I talked to President about the Ecclesiastical endorsement. do you think there would be any job that i could get where i could use my chinese for over the summer? I dont know maybe you could keep your ears and eyes on the lookout for something. Lifeguarding would not be my first option but it is an option.

MLC is missionary leadership council, when all of the leaders of the mission get together and talk about the mission. ZTM is zone training meeting, a  meeting run by the zone leaders to conduct training on random stuff.

I did get the mandarin english letter! Like i said though, if it was traditional characters id be able to read it better! :) Thank you for the note pops.

T and S would be good with just about anything i think. I know i for sure want to take Steven to the space stuff downtown and I was thinking maybe an astros game? besides that i dont really know. Do you have any other ideas?

Everyone's doing great over here, A is sharing the gospel with his family and friends like a mad man. Probably the coolest thing that happened this week was when we went on exchanges this week with the elders in our neighboring area. Turns out the guy that they baptized a couple weeks ago was someone that i had contacted at a red light on my first day in Wu Feng. I specifically remember the contact, but had thought he had disappeared or whatever. I remember him because it was the Chinese Father's day and when i asked him how he was doing he said not great because his father had died on father's day many years ago. I remember talking with him about the Plan of Salvation. Turns out ( i learned all of this later from Elder Wightman)while his father was in prison he learned about Jesus Christ and was baptized in another church. His dad eventually got really sick and called up his son telling them they were gonna take him off of life support When J (the guy i had contacted) gets there his dad tells him his heart had actually stopped beating and had a vision of sorts where he saw God who told him he had 3 days left at which point he called up J and his minister. He died exactly three days later on Father's day. When Jeffrey saw how happy his dad was to see his minister, he decided that he had to figure out which church was the true church. He spent years in the library researching about different religions, their history etc until that day i talked to him for 2 minutes at a red light on the anniversary of his father's death. He said when he heard the plan of salvation it just felt right. He got baptized a couple months later, in December It was a big testimony to me that no effort we make is ever wasted. We may not see the influence of every effort that we make until much later, if at all. But God's plan is perfect and we're all a little piece in the big(emphasis on big) puzzle

Love y'all have a great week!

Elder Nelson


January 9, 2017

T and S will be flying in on the 29th of June and leaving on the 26th of July which i think is exactly 4 weeks. Because they already have the tickets and everything worked out, if they had to change it now they would have to pay a very costly fee. 

Also i think my return day got moved up one week to the 24th of may, which is about 5 weeks before they would be coming in. I've started to think a little bit about life when i'm back. I think i'll want to find a job that summer probably but i don't know for sure what i want to do. Do you have any ideas? I hope to be able to find a time to visit Amy in the summer as well. And then as far as school what's the deal with classes? 
The work is going well. Probably the most impactful thing of the week was an exchange that i went on with an Elder. He told me of when he was in high school senior year in the state volleyball championships. He said they went down 2 sets to none and he (at the time being the captain) took his team behind the bleachers where no one could see them and had this big pump up speech. Essentially, he reminded them that this was it!  After this there was nothing else. He got them pumped up to give it their all and in the end they won the 3rd set. They went on to lose the 4th set, but he said he played some of the best volleyball that he'd ever played. He told me "and you know when i was finished i wasn't disappointed, i knew i had given it my all." I think at this point of my mission i've hit the 3rd set. I know after the mission there will still be opportunities to share the gospel but the short time i have to be a missionary is getting smaller and smaller. I hope this last stretch i can continue to give it my all so at the end, even if i haven't baptized the whole island or accomplished everything I originally had hoped to accomplish, i can look back on my time with no regrets and be happy and prepared to take on the next chapter.

Other random things from the week. 1)I had monte cristo's for the first time, courtesy of Elder Thomas. 2) We had MLC and ZTM, which both went well. 3) J will not be getting baptized before she goes to Denmark for 6 months 4) Steven's bday was this week, i got him a football. 5) Alan wore his new shirt and tie to church this week and looked great. This week he told us how he shared, and I quote, "the restoration of the gospel and the plan of salvation" with his friends. He's gonna make a great missionary.

In our zone we have a goal to read the Book of Mormon with a question in mind over the next month, to have finished by the end of february. Takes about 10 pages a day to do it. Maybe you can do it with us.

Love y'all, have a great week!
Elder Nelson 

Mission December 2016

                                                       T, S, E. Nelson, E. Thomas
                                                               S's Bday

Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2, 2016 Year of the Rooster Approaching

We had a great SKYPE with E. Nelson on Christmas Eve not much new to share.  We got a short email that he is happy and healthy and that they made homemade mac and cheese for Christmas.