Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Decemnber 12,2016 Transfers - Remain with E. Thomas


How are y'all doing??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

So transfers came in on Saturday and....i am going to be in Wu Feng for another 6 weeks with Elder Thomas! haha this is the third in a row...after this transfer we will have been companions for almost 7 months which is kinda nuts...together we have experienced each others' birthdays, the 4th of July, halloween, thanksgiving, and soon to be christmas, New Year's and Chinese New Years.

I got the package this week with the invitation and tie for Amy's wedding! Crazy to think that that's actually happening this week. 2 weeks till Christmas..we'll probably be skyping y'all on our Christmas morning which will be y'all's Christmas Eve night? 

I feel like a lot of stuff happened this week but not a lot at the same time..kinda like every week i guess. 

The highlight was probably on Sunday when A came to church with his WHOLE FAMILY. haha he hadn't even confirmed for church and then he walks in, and we see his little sister walk in after and we're like "No way his mom came too--" at which point his mom walks in behind him. We were so nervous haha it was the primary program and the kids were not putting on their finest performance. There was also a couple arguing in the pew in front of us, with a baby screaming somewhere off to the side. But, at the end an area seventy from Hong Kong bore his testimony about the simple truth that we are all children of God and we can learn from the humility of our children. The mom ended up really liking it and wants to come back next week. A has a baptismal service scheduled for Christmas Eve! :)

Besides that, J dropped us then undropped us all in the span of a couple days. She told us that she didn't want to keep meeting with us and wouldn't really tell us why and we were super confused because she had been progressing so well. Turns out, her boyfriend doesn't like her meeting with us and pretty much gave her an ultimatum that its the church or me. We essentially told her that if she was willing to give up/deny all of the feelings that she had had up to this point because of being afraid of hurting someone's feelings that she was making the biggest mistake of her life(kinda bold i know). We made her a cake for her bday and talked about stuff a little. Anyways, as of now she's trying to sort through her feelings so some prayers could be used her way!

This Wednesday the sisters who came out with us are going home to America so we went back and saw them off. It was incredibly trunky. haha didn't even seem real really. Also got to see the Feng family who were our investigators back in Gao Xiong and who are still doing incredibly well! It was sad to hear that a couple of my RC's in that same ward have already become less active so that's kinda put me in a sad mood. It was the two who i felt like needed more time but my companion at the time thought they were ready. They could also use some prayers.

Besides that, T, S and A now work out with us every morning at the park by our house so that's fun.

Also our outlet blew up on me as i was going to bed the other night. That was pretty scary.

Can't think of much else...Love y'all have a great week!

Elder Nelson

                                                         Our Christmas Tree 2016

                                                              Sisters Return Home

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