Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016


How are y'all doing???????????????????????????????????????????????????

So exciting to hear about the baptism over there! Im sure the missionaries are pumped. Do you know how they ran into her?

Not sure how much longer elder thomas and I will be companions...the next transfer is coming this weekend. We're hoping we'll at least have another 6 weeks together.

What happened this week? I feel like that's what i ask my companion every week when we come to the computers haha.

The only thing that i really remember is a member had us over for real american steaks on saturday night. He's a super bro, always helping out us missionaries.

I thought i'd just talk about some of the people we're working with right now.

A This Wednesday after English we were able to talk to his mom and had a really good talk with her. She does not oppose Alan coming to church, she actually encourages it. She says that she wants to come with him! She will let it be up to him if he wants to get baptized. The main issue is with the dad who is apparently the one who is super Yi Guan Dao. The converation with his mom was 100% guided by the spirit we had planned out what we had wanted to say with her but then when she came it all went out the window and it was like i was guided perfectly every step of the way with what i needed to say with her. Super cool.

J Shes the same age as us, a junior at the college in our area. Praying and Reading and came to church  this Sunday! The first two hours she thought were pretty boring but Relief Society came in the clutch and she ended up really liking it. She's progressing really well and seeing our Heavenly Father is answering her prayers in small and simple ways.

T and J. Didn't come to church this week! :( they said they were gonna come and didn't end up coming. Which happens a lot in Taiwan, but not expected with them. Hoping to go visit J tonight. 

V  The guy from China! came to church for 3 hours and was super happy!

AM's been going out with us a lot recently and doing missionary work recently! She wakes up at 6 in the morning and works out with us sometimes as well. I've been super grateful to be able to develop a better relationship with our Rc's over the past few months. Seeing their testimonies grow has been awesome.

The mission album is getting closer and closer to being finished.

Time is flying over here.  I love y'all. I know God exists and am so grateful to be his missionary for a short time. Have y'all seen the christmas video yet? 

Loveyall! have a great week!

Elder Nelson


        Andrew Teaching Guitar to Members

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