Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 20, 2016


How are y'all doing??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

We'll be skyping 8:00 am our Christmas morning, which, if im not wrong is 6:00 pm your Christmas Eve.

I did not get the letter from you pops.

Congrats on the baptism back home! The elders are probably pumped.

Kinda crazy that Amy's married now. Kinda seems unreal, especially because I haven't seen the pictures yet buttttttttt i hope i was there in Spirit. I was wearing the pink tie and all. Everyone was asking me if it was a new tie. 

This week...we got lost a lot haha. We went and visited this less active family who live way out in the rice fields of our area. It's actually a pretty sad situation. The husband and wife recently got divorced. The wife is from mainland China, where all her family and friends are but the husband says if she goes back he won't let her see the kids ever again. She still has a really strong testimony but the husband just had a very doubtful look on everything. We were able to have a really good lesson about faith and believing.

This Sunday J told us she wanted to fast for her baptism and we decided to fast with her. And guess what? everything bad that could have possibly happened, did. haha seriously. Her dad got really mad at her because they said she didn't ask for his permission to fast. Our investigator A who was going to come to church an hour early so we could sit with her cancelled. A super cool guy who we'd added for church earlier in the week stood us up. A had to go to cram school earlier this week so him and his family couldn't come.

A is not getting baptized on the 24th because of his dad, who wants him to wait until he's 18 to make the choice. Even though at the beginning he'd say he'd make his own choice..

J was able to come though, which is super cool. She's still in a weird limbo of trying to decide if she's gonna keep meeting with us or not.

A couple cool new investigators this week, one girl who's super doubtful of everything we say and another guy who's been christian since he was born but was kinda put off by all of the faults in the different churches/lacked the courage boldness to do what God wants him to do.

Don't know what else to say. Love you have a great week, see ya on Sunday!

Love, Elder Nelson

P.S. I sent some christmas letters back that i may need you to help me forward on....thanks :)

                                                               Elder Nelson and S
                                                              E; Nelson, E. Thomas, and T
                                                           T,S,  and Elders Nelson and Thomas

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