Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 20, 2016


How are y'all doing??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

We'll be skyping 8:00 am our Christmas morning, which, if im not wrong is 6:00 pm your Christmas Eve.

I did not get the letter from you pops.

Congrats on the baptism back home! The elders are probably pumped.

Kinda crazy that Amy's married now. Kinda seems unreal, especially because I haven't seen the pictures yet buttttttttt i hope i was there in Spirit. I was wearing the pink tie and all. Everyone was asking me if it was a new tie. 

This week...we got lost a lot haha. We went and visited this less active family who live way out in the rice fields of our area. It's actually a pretty sad situation. The husband and wife recently got divorced. The wife is from mainland China, where all her family and friends are but the husband says if she goes back he won't let her see the kids ever again. She still has a really strong testimony but the husband just had a very doubtful look on everything. We were able to have a really good lesson about faith and believing.

This Sunday J told us she wanted to fast for her baptism and we decided to fast with her. And guess what? everything bad that could have possibly happened, did. haha seriously. Her dad got really mad at her because they said she didn't ask for his permission to fast. Our investigator A who was going to come to church an hour early so we could sit with her cancelled. A super cool guy who we'd added for church earlier in the week stood us up. A had to go to cram school earlier this week so him and his family couldn't come.

A is not getting baptized on the 24th because of his dad, who wants him to wait until he's 18 to make the choice. Even though at the beginning he'd say he'd make his own choice..

J was able to come though, which is super cool. She's still in a weird limbo of trying to decide if she's gonna keep meeting with us or not.

A couple cool new investigators this week, one girl who's super doubtful of everything we say and another guy who's been christian since he was born but was kinda put off by all of the faults in the different churches/lacked the courage boldness to do what God wants him to do.

Don't know what else to say. Love you have a great week, see ya on Sunday!

Love, Elder Nelson

P.S. I sent some christmas letters back that i may need you to help me forward on....thanks :)

                                                               Elder Nelson and S
                                                              E; Nelson, E. Thomas, and T
                                                           T,S,  and Elders Nelson and Thomas

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Decemnber 12,2016 Transfers - Remain with E. Thomas


How are y'all doing??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

So transfers came in on Saturday and....i am going to be in Wu Feng for another 6 weeks with Elder Thomas! haha this is the third in a row...after this transfer we will have been companions for almost 7 months which is kinda nuts...together we have experienced each others' birthdays, the 4th of July, halloween, thanksgiving, and soon to be christmas, New Year's and Chinese New Years.

I got the package this week with the invitation and tie for Amy's wedding! Crazy to think that that's actually happening this week. 2 weeks till Christmas..we'll probably be skyping y'all on our Christmas morning which will be y'all's Christmas Eve night? 

I feel like a lot of stuff happened this week but not a lot at the same time..kinda like every week i guess. 

The highlight was probably on Sunday when A came to church with his WHOLE FAMILY. haha he hadn't even confirmed for church and then he walks in, and we see his little sister walk in after and we're like "No way his mom came too--" at which point his mom walks in behind him. We were so nervous haha it was the primary program and the kids were not putting on their finest performance. There was also a couple arguing in the pew in front of us, with a baby screaming somewhere off to the side. But, at the end an area seventy from Hong Kong bore his testimony about the simple truth that we are all children of God and we can learn from the humility of our children. The mom ended up really liking it and wants to come back next week. A has a baptismal service scheduled for Christmas Eve! :)

Besides that, J dropped us then undropped us all in the span of a couple days. She told us that she didn't want to keep meeting with us and wouldn't really tell us why and we were super confused because she had been progressing so well. Turns out, her boyfriend doesn't like her meeting with us and pretty much gave her an ultimatum that its the church or me. We essentially told her that if she was willing to give up/deny all of the feelings that she had had up to this point because of being afraid of hurting someone's feelings that she was making the biggest mistake of her life(kinda bold i know). We made her a cake for her bday and talked about stuff a little. Anyways, as of now she's trying to sort through her feelings so some prayers could be used her way!

This Wednesday the sisters who came out with us are going home to America so we went back and saw them off. It was incredibly trunky. haha didn't even seem real really. Also got to see the Feng family who were our investigators back in Gao Xiong and who are still doing incredibly well! It was sad to hear that a couple of my RC's in that same ward have already become less active so that's kinda put me in a sad mood. It was the two who i felt like needed more time but my companion at the time thought they were ready. They could also use some prayers.

Besides that, T, S and A now work out with us every morning at the park by our house so that's fun.

Also our outlet blew up on me as i was going to bed the other night. That was pretty scary.

Can't think of much else...Love y'all have a great week!

Elder Nelson

                                                         Our Christmas Tree 2016

                                                              Sisters Return Home

Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016


How are y'all doing???????????????????????????????????????????????????

So exciting to hear about the baptism over there! Im sure the missionaries are pumped. Do you know how they ran into her?

Not sure how much longer elder thomas and I will be companions...the next transfer is coming this weekend. We're hoping we'll at least have another 6 weeks together.

What happened this week? I feel like that's what i ask my companion every week when we come to the computers haha.

The only thing that i really remember is a member had us over for real american steaks on saturday night. He's a super bro, always helping out us missionaries.

I thought i'd just talk about some of the people we're working with right now.

A This Wednesday after English we were able to talk to his mom and had a really good talk with her. She does not oppose Alan coming to church, she actually encourages it. She says that she wants to come with him! She will let it be up to him if he wants to get baptized. The main issue is with the dad who is apparently the one who is super Yi Guan Dao. The converation with his mom was 100% guided by the spirit we had planned out what we had wanted to say with her but then when she came it all went out the window and it was like i was guided perfectly every step of the way with what i needed to say with her. Super cool.

J Shes the same age as us, a junior at the college in our area. Praying and Reading and came to church  this Sunday! The first two hours she thought were pretty boring but Relief Society came in the clutch and she ended up really liking it. She's progressing really well and seeing our Heavenly Father is answering her prayers in small and simple ways.

T and J. Didn't come to church this week! :( they said they were gonna come and didn't end up coming. Which happens a lot in Taiwan, but not expected with them. Hoping to go visit J tonight. 

V  The guy from China! came to church for 3 hours and was super happy!

AM's been going out with us a lot recently and doing missionary work recently! She wakes up at 6 in the morning and works out with us sometimes as well. I've been super grateful to be able to develop a better relationship with our Rc's over the past few months. Seeing their testimonies grow has been awesome.

The mission album is getting closer and closer to being finished.

Time is flying over here.  I love y'all. I know God exists and am so grateful to be his missionary for a short time. Have y'all seen the christmas video yet? 

Loveyall! have a great week!

Elder Nelson


        Andrew Teaching Guitar to Members

December 5, 2016

November 28, 2016 Thanksgiving Feast

How are y'all doing?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yeah her mom rode her scooter over and gave us a lunch box of food, super nice of her!

How's that lady with the three kids doing? Do  you get to know the investigators at all?

How are the Irelands doing?

Hey pops i know im a missionary but that experience with your endocrinologist bone doctor sounds like a great missionary opportunity. I think at moments like that is when the Plan of Salvation has the most meaning to people!

So for the most important thing that happened this week: Tuesday night we went on exchanges. We locked the keys inside and by the time we got home it was too late to call the lock picker guy. So we spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to break into our own home haha, We attempted using all sorts of different tools to pick it, reach around, etc but they all didnt work. So we ended up using Elder Thomas's knife to cut through one of the bars so that we could reach our hand around and open up the door. 

Besides that, it took us multiple nights of cooking food to get our Thanksgiving feast up to standards. We wanted to make the food as close to the real deal as possible,  We had one of our RC's G go to Costco to get a Turkey for us but the turkey was too big for our tiny little oven so we had to cut it up and cook it in 2 pieces and even then it barely fir in. We also made stuffing(which I completely winged), jello from gelatin(which was a complete failure), gravy, sweet potatoes, rolls, apple pie, mashed potatoes and brocolli. We blew all our money and ate to the point of being about to explode but it was so worth it. 

Besides that, A is still super amazing. He still really wants to get baptized on Christmas Eve and is sharing stuff that he learns with us with his mom so that she will have her heart softened. T and Jerry came to church this Sunday again. They're both still doing really well. We also had a cool experience with J this week as she started to realize some answers to prayers that she has gotten from Heavenly Father! 

Yeah that's about it...my arm is getting better it just gets reaggravated easily on a bike when i have to brake really suddenly. It stinks because i can't do upper body workouts but ill survive.

Love y'all have a great week!

Elder Nelson