Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday November 21, 2016 Thanksgiving Week

How are y'all this week????????????????????????????????????????????????????

...Speaking of doctors, I got to go see another doctor this week wahoo! haha we were riding home one night and out of nowhere this scooter comes from my side and knocks me into another scooter who's parked on the side of the road and I fly off my bike. The guy turns around for one sec to make sure im still breathing then zooms off into the night. It wasn't that bad, except i used my arm to take the brunt of the fall so my arm swelled up really big and was in a lot of pain. Nothing broken, just a bad sprain. So now i got a little brace thing. More memories in Taiwan!

Also T  (and her son S) will be coming next year at the end of June! Since the opportunity to come to America is like once in a life time for them they'll probably be staying a few weeks. Sister L from my last area will also be coming at sometime, just not sure when yet.

BTW dad what is the name of the chinese restaurant that you go to when you go to DC? We met this Taiwanese guy at a train station who opened a really famous chinese restaurant in DC.

A came again to church this week! He's such a bro it's unbelievable. This week after English class though we got a text from him saying that his mom doesn't want him to get baptized because she thinks that he's already 一貫道(Yi Guan Dao, a religion that is a bunch of religions mixed in one). He went on in the text however to say that he will do his best to persuade her because he knows that Heavenly Father is real. He's such an amazing kid, reading and praying every night. 

T and J also came to church for a couple hours!

This Pday we're going to buy a lot of groceries and try to create our own little Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday! haha you know how much i love to cook. Throwback to when it was the Hamster, Hales and I in Montana and i still forced them to make thanksgiving dinner with me! haha

Besides that, some of our other investigators are V(bro from China), S (freshman in colege), E (junior in high school), H and J  (amazing kids who are waiting till 20 to be baptized), A W  (bro from Vietnam),  T (a referral from a lady in our ward), J  (a junior in college who's our english student as well).  A lot of em have been able to make it out to church, I'll let ya know next week how they're prgoressing!

How's that mom and her 3 kids doing? the recent convert? I hope you realize how big a difference a good gospel principles teacher can make senor! 

haha times up but love yall have a great Thanksgiving! Im so grateful for all of the family members and friends in my life! They are what get me through! Love you all!

Elder Nelson


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