Monday, November 7, 2016

                                            Bridge at Sunset

                                          Strange Doll in Apt Elevator

                                                              Field at Sunset


How are y'all doing??????????????????????????????????????????

Yeah daylight saving's is not a thing here... 

Yeah pops im here for another transfer!

This week was a good one and a hard one. The hard first I guess. We met with G (one of our RC's)'s little sister Gl this week and we taught her about the restoration of the gospel. She seemed really receptive to it all then the next day called us and told us (almost straight out of the District if you've seen those videos) in English "The Mormon isn't for me." She said she'd flipped through the Book of Mormon for a few minutes said a prayer and felt like it wasn't for her. She kept telling us that she had her truth and we had our truth and that was that. It sucked to be honest. Btw that's a concept that i thought i'd never have to deal with - the idea that there is not one truth. We'll ask people sometimes 2+2=4, that's truth right? And they're like "you don't know that." So yeah try helping someone feel of the truth of a message who doesn't believe in truth. 

Also our mongolian investigator A told us she chose not to believe. L and A also dropped off this week.

BUT, Alan is doing super well! He's started reading in the Book of Mormon through the first 7 chapters of 1 Nephi. Him and his friend eric have both been praying daily! 

Also a guy from China who we contacted a while back came to church and loved it! He told us he wants to come every week.

And on monday i went and bought a new pair of running shoes because my old ones were in holes. And we started talking with the girl who works there about the Book of Mormon and she has a lot of interest. She feels like shes been away from God for a while and wants to come closer to him again. Also she was wearing a tom and jerry shirt that said jerry on it and when we asked her what her name was she looked down at her shirt so now she has become jerry. 

So yeah we're excited for all of the potential the area has right now, we had 10 investigators at church on Sunday!

Oh and i ate pig skin this week. and liked it?

Love yall have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson

                                            Elder Nelson and E. Thomas ...Knocking Big Door
                                                           Scenery in Taiwan

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