Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016


How are y'allll?????????????????????????????????

That's scary about Grandma! Do they know what it was that caused it?

This week's kinda been the same. We recently haven't had a ton of super "golden" investigators. We've had to/are on the verge of dropping a lot of them. This week, however we were able to find a few new ones so i can tell y'all about them. One's name is R. Her father is from India, her mother from a place called 福建(FuJian) in China. She herself grew up in Indonesia until she was essentially bought by her husband and brought over to Taiwan (sadly that happens quite a bit over here). She eventually found a way to divorce him but still lives with him and her kid. It's kind of a strange situation. She's a Christian and feels like she's been too far away from God for too long. It's also kinda an interesting time trying to communicate with her because her Taiwanese (what her mom spoke with her growing up) and her indonesian are fluent while her english and chinese are both kinda ok. Luckily, we have church members who can help out.

We also met E, a coworker of one of our Recent Converts A. she's willing to listen but she seems to kind of see it as something new and fun versus something that can actually bless her life. Speaking of A, she's seriously incredible. Her parents got divorced right when she was about to go to college, and since then she's pretty much had to provide for herself as well as send money home to her mom who can't work because of her body AND she still pays tithing. She lives off of 2000 a month for food which is the equivalent of 50 or 60 bucks. And she loves sharing the gospel with everyone. She really wants to be able to share it with her family, friends, and even strangers on the streets. Super cool.

And then we met a dude named  程鋮 (CC) from mainland China! He's a super bro, over as an exchange student for a couple years. Like most people from China, doesn't believe in God but thats ok. He's willing to learn.

I did learn a few more notes on the guitar, my callouses continue to grow.

Yeah Judy's mom brought us pizza, fried chicken and squid balls! haha it was so nice, she's the nicest lady ever!

Food - i've been eating a lot of sweet potatoes recently. haha they're cheap and filling.

We went on 2 exchanges this week, with Elder Wills and Elder Booth. Both bros.

Oh and Pday we went to the biggest museum of natural science in Tai Zhong with one of our recent converts G! super fun, felt like America tbh.

Love y'all and hope y'all have a great week!!!!!!!

Elder Nelson   

Elder Nelson Posing with Native  Taichung Sunset

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