Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016 Little Brother Turns 18!


How are y'all??????

Sorry im sending this out a little late but i'll try to get as much down as possible.

Right now we're working really hard but not seeing a lot because of it. Hopefully this week some more stuff will start to happen.

3 things stick out from this week. 

1) We literally taught a lesson in a small Buddhist/Daoist Temple this week. That was strange.
2) I told you my companion is sick at guitar right? Well he's teaching me how to play guitar. I'm slowly developing callouses on my fingers. Normally only get like 5 to 10 minutes every night to practice unfortunately. Buttt he's compiling an album about our mission and i get to add some insight every once and a while. Some of it is actually pretty dang good.
3)Conference! We got to listen to general conference this week which was super fun. All of the missionaries have the tradition of buying a bunch of snacks for it. It's like a huge party. But apart from the all of the asian crackers that were consumed, there was also a lot of spiritual food consumed. There was a lot of stuff that impressed me but i think the one that kept sticking out was the theme of learning to better love the Lord Jesus Christ. Bednar touched on it, about truly coming to know Him. I thought it was so interesting because he made the point that we may believe in Him, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we have come to KNOW him. I hope when I see Him again it won't be someone that i feel like I've never met. Someone else made the simple advice to learn to love the savior more and you'll hurt less. I know that that is true. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is beyond anything that we can comprehend. I love Jesus Christ and everything that He did for me I hope that as i continue on, i will be able to better understand how I can come to know Him and love Him more fully.

Love y'all hope y'all have an amazing week!

Elder Nelson

P.S. Happy birthday to the Shuai'est little brother in the world Smiguel! Can't believe he's turning 18 this week....such a stud and example to me! 

E. Thomas, S, E. Nelson, and T

                            E. Nelson, S, and E. Mitton
                                                       E. Mitton, E. Nelson, S and T
                                                                E. Nelson

                                                           Zone Conference

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