Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016


How are y'all doing?????????????

So first before i forget some questions i need to ask y'all. 1) Did you ever know a Fillmore family in Oregon or a Child Family in Texas? 2) I pretty much offer an open invitation to my good friends here that if they can make it to America, they could stay in our house and eat our food and meet my family, especially since they're so good to me. A lot of people say they'd love to come, but I think Tina and Steven might actually be able to come and visit next summer around the fourth of July time! I think it would be super fun for y'all to be able to meet some of the amazing people that i've met over here! Would you foresee any problems with that?

As far as this week..transfers came, and as expected, I am going to be with Elder Thomas (Not Taylor mom lol) for another transfer here in Wu Feng. We're pretty excited about the next transfer coming up. Last one was hard in the fact that a lot of our investigators either fell off or wouldn't progress, but we took some time to kind of evaluate where we were and where we could improve so that we could see more success.

This last week we actually saw a lot of cool miracles. This week we were able to meet with G (yes that is actually her English name), who is the sister of our recent convert Gr. She basically told us that she had been struggling with whether she wanted to meet with us or not for a month (since her sister's baptism in september). And the only reason we had planned to meet was to help her with some English. But she told us she had said a really genuine prayer and that she had received a prompting that she should meet with us and be open to new ideas. She specifically said she had a similar prompting to T, telling her "What are you afraid of?" Anyways we met with her and after helping her with English she said she wanted to repay us for us helping her and we told her the best way she could repay us would be to study about the restored gospel. And she said ok lets do it. So that's exciting!

Also Tuesday night we were on exchanges and we were late coming home (it was 9:35) and we were at the last stoplight before home. I was pretty beat at this point. But anyways i start speaking in English with this kid on the back of a scooter and i'm thinking they're about to buzz off  (the light was turning in like 5 seconds) so i in desperation askedthem to pull up to the park in front of us so we could talk for a bit. I invited them to english class the next day and the kid was super pumped about the class. He said he was gonna come 10 minutes early (Granted we have a lot of experiences like that where the people never show up). Fast forward to the next day. The kid walks in 10 minutes late and trailing in behind him is his entire family! After class i talked with him about the Book of Mormon and they said this week we could go visit their house after english class and share about the gospel with them!

Besides that, the C Family and S were able to make it to church yesterday! A was able to help S at church which was great.

I can't remember much of what else happened this week. Excited for a fresh start at the start of the transfer. 

This morning I was reading Lehi's vision and for the first time i noticed that it says that the people fell down and partook of the fruit. I thought it was super interesting how it said that they first fell down and then partook of the fruit. I think it taught me that before we can feel of the strengthening power of the Atonement, we have to be humble enough to "fall down" and confess that His Atonement is real. That God is real, we don't know everything, but He does. We have to be humble enough to choose to believe, and then only can we enjoy the deliciousness of the fruit.

I love y'all, hope you have a great week!

Elder Nelson



            Candid of E. Nelson by E. Thomas

October 24, 2016

How are y'all??????????????????????????????????????????????

So this week wasssssss a tiring one. To be honest the majority of the investigators that we have right now are on the verge of being dropped. And we haven't seen a lot of success recently as far as finding super "golden" investigators. Also i just realize i have 8 minutes left so herrrrrrwego.

Besides that we had a couple big conferences because Elder Funk, the Asia Area President came and visited our mission. The main focuses of the conference were on how to use the Book of Mormon and working with members. I love what he said about the Book of Mormon. It's what separates us from every other religion and I've seen the power and change that it can bring to someone who's willing to read it with an open heart throughout my mission.

We've been teaching a lot of foreigners recently, vietnam, indonesia, mongolia, etc. Had a really interesting lesson through a phone's translator one night. Also learned the vietnamese alphabet. Vietnamese is HARD. The lesson reminded me of my first one in the MTC haha. Luckily we have the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon in all of these different languages though so we manage.

Oh and yeah Friday we were eating lunch when i randomly realized that i was eating with 2 general authorities and how normal it felt..only on a mission.

I'm out of time and can't really remember what else happened. Oh we taught an entire college class!

love you have a great week!

Elder Nelson


                                                           On the Street

                                                               20 oz Steakj

Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016


How are y'allll?????????????????????????????????

That's scary about Grandma! Do they know what it was that caused it?

This week's kinda been the same. We recently haven't had a ton of super "golden" investigators. We've had to/are on the verge of dropping a lot of them. This week, however we were able to find a few new ones so i can tell y'all about them. One's name is R. Her father is from India, her mother from a place called 福建(FuJian) in China. She herself grew up in Indonesia until she was essentially bought by her husband and brought over to Taiwan (sadly that happens quite a bit over here). She eventually found a way to divorce him but still lives with him and her kid. It's kind of a strange situation. She's a Christian and feels like she's been too far away from God for too long. It's also kinda an interesting time trying to communicate with her because her Taiwanese (what her mom spoke with her growing up) and her indonesian are fluent while her english and chinese are both kinda ok. Luckily, we have church members who can help out.

We also met E, a coworker of one of our Recent Converts A. she's willing to listen but she seems to kind of see it as something new and fun versus something that can actually bless her life. Speaking of A, she's seriously incredible. Her parents got divorced right when she was about to go to college, and since then she's pretty much had to provide for herself as well as send money home to her mom who can't work because of her body AND she still pays tithing. She lives off of 2000 a month for food which is the equivalent of 50 or 60 bucks. And she loves sharing the gospel with everyone. She really wants to be able to share it with her family, friends, and even strangers on the streets. Super cool.

And then we met a dude named  程鋮 (CC) from mainland China! He's a super bro, over as an exchange student for a couple years. Like most people from China, doesn't believe in God but thats ok. He's willing to learn.

I did learn a few more notes on the guitar, my callouses continue to grow.

Yeah Judy's mom brought us pizza, fried chicken and squid balls! haha it was so nice, she's the nicest lady ever!

Food - i've been eating a lot of sweet potatoes recently. haha they're cheap and filling.

We went on 2 exchanges this week, with Elder Wills and Elder Booth. Both bros.

Oh and Pday we went to the biggest museum of natural science in Tai Zhong with one of our recent converts G! super fun, felt like America tbh.

Love y'all and hope y'all have a great week!!!!!!!

Elder Nelson   

Elder Nelson Posing with Native  Taichung Sunset

Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016 Little Brother Turns 18!


How are y'all??????

Sorry im sending this out a little late but i'll try to get as much down as possible.

Right now we're working really hard but not seeing a lot because of it. Hopefully this week some more stuff will start to happen.

3 things stick out from this week. 

1) We literally taught a lesson in a small Buddhist/Daoist Temple this week. That was strange.
2) I told you my companion is sick at guitar right? Well he's teaching me how to play guitar. I'm slowly developing callouses on my fingers. Normally only get like 5 to 10 minutes every night to practice unfortunately. Buttt he's compiling an album about our mission and i get to add some insight every once and a while. Some of it is actually pretty dang good.
3)Conference! We got to listen to general conference this week which was super fun. All of the missionaries have the tradition of buying a bunch of snacks for it. It's like a huge party. But apart from the all of the asian crackers that were consumed, there was also a lot of spiritual food consumed. There was a lot of stuff that impressed me but i think the one that kept sticking out was the theme of learning to better love the Lord Jesus Christ. Bednar touched on it, about truly coming to know Him. I thought it was so interesting because he made the point that we may believe in Him, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we have come to KNOW him. I hope when I see Him again it won't be someone that i feel like I've never met. Someone else made the simple advice to learn to love the savior more and you'll hurt less. I know that that is true. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is beyond anything that we can comprehend. I love Jesus Christ and everything that He did for me I hope that as i continue on, i will be able to better understand how I can come to know Him and love Him more fully.

Love y'all hope y'all have an amazing week!

Elder Nelson

P.S. Happy birthday to the Shuai'est little brother in the world Smiguel! Can't believe he's turning 18 this week....such a stud and example to me! 

E. Thomas, S, E. Nelson, and T

                            E. Nelson, S, and E. Mitton
                                                       E. Mitton, E. Nelson, S and T
                                                                E. Nelson

                                                           Zone Conference

Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 Aftermath of Typhoon Last Week

                                            Elders Thomas and Nelson Post Typhoon


How are you?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This week was a good and a tiring one. I dont know, I think the stress must be catching up to me because I've just been so tired and stressed recently. Whichhhhh I think is in big part because of a few mishaps with our investigators. This week kinda just had a lot of really unfortunate stuff happen. The worst of which was with Y and E, 2 of our investigators. A member in our ward said we could invite some investigators over to eat pizza so we set up for the two of them to go to this members house. The plan was to have a lesson with E first at 11 then we would all eat pizza at 12. Y especially had told us that she didn't want to talk about church stuff, she just wanted to get to know some members or what not. Well, there was some big miscommunication because we had a lesson with  E at 11 and then at 12 Y came and the member was like "k bye E" and awkwardly made her leave and we were like "uhh whattttt" and then when Y came he tried to have a lesson with her for an hour, meanwhile we were wondering when the pizza was coming out. Then after this horrible hour discussion  she awkwardly says she has to leave and so we try to leave with her but then the member in front of this investigator is like "no elders wait! We're going to feed you lunch" and we were like you have got to be kidding me.....better yet E feels like she was lied to and doesnt want to meet with us for a while, while Y has also been showing less interest since that day. So yeah that was terrible.

Tuesday the typhoon came. It was pretty nuts, even here in Tai zhong. To be honest, we probably shouldn't have gone outside but we did. My companion got his bike blown out from below him. Luckily none of the big stuff that was flying through the air hit us. It was funny, if we biked one direction (with the wind) we would be going faster than the cars and if we were going the other (against the wind) we could barely move. But yeah trees and debris everywhere  per usual.We eventually made it back home safe. 

Besides that, we continue to meet a lot of cool new people. This week will be a big one to see which of them actually start progressing. It's been fun being with Elder Thomas again. We get along really well.

Zone Conference was on Friday. There were 2 parts that particularly stuck out to me. The first was a quote by Einstein that I'd never heard before. It's his definition of insanity : doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.I feel like that applies to us all, not just as missionaries. And second, was about the enabling power of the Atonement. President emphasized that a lot of us are familiar with the cleansing aspect of the Atonement but not so much with the enabling power that it has. He quoted Elder Bednar "I suspect that many Church members are much more familiar with the nature of the redeeming and cleansing power of the Atonement than they are with the strengthening and enabling power. It is one thing to know that Jesus Christ came to earth to die for us—that is fundamental and foundational to the doctrine of Christ. But we also need to appreciate that the Lord desires, through His Atonement and by the power of the Holy Ghost, to live in us—not only to direct us but also to empower us.
Most of us clearly understand that the Atonement is for sinners. I am not so sure, however, that we know and understand that the Atonement is also for saints—for good men and women who are obedient, worthy, and conscientious and who are striving to become better and serve more faithfully." I hope as i continue my mission (and throughout my life) that i will be able to better understand the Atonement, especially how it can enable and empower us to become the best person possible, to become more like Jesus Christ.

Love you guys! have a great week!

Elder Nelson