Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26,2016 Typhoon Coming


What's goooooood.

So i dont have a lot of time but i thought pictures would be worth a lot more than a long email so that's what i sent. We did a ton of finding this week. It was good, felt like a missionary.

Random Funny Story from the week: Remember that vietnamese guy? He invites us over for lunch. well when we get there there are about 50 vietnamese people crammed in a tiny little room (imagine a shipping crate) where they'er all yelling in a language that i can't understand chugging beers and laughing. They all of a sudden break into this chant that sounds a little like the hakka then down their drinks. They also dunked their rice rolls into the beer which looked pretty interesting. We try talking to the people next to us with no success. I ask the one guy to go outside and we talk to him and a couple of his friends on a sofa that looks like it was left outside of a dumpster just in the middle of the parking lot.

Teaching a lot of college students right now. Will give a better update next week.

God is real. If we're just willing to look we'll see his hand in our lives

Elder Nelson

                                                           E. Nelson and E ?
In the Park 
           Elder Stoud and Nelson with T

                                                   At Work    

                                               With T and S And E. Mitton
                                                                  P Day
                                                              Elder Cox

Dannys Baptism from previous area

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