Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016 New Companion from MTC


How are you guys doing?????????

So Pops this is kinda random but there's a guy here who's in some kind of doctorate program in psychology and i told him you could maybe give him some direction on some ideas of what he could go into. His English is not good but maybe give it a shot please?

This week was a great week! The Typhoon DESTROYED the south part of the island but didn't really affect us up here in Taizhong.

The greatest news of the week was that Grace, T and S all got baptized! It's been so sweet to see the conversion process of all three of them. T shared in her testimony after the baptism that when she was wondering about whether to give up on the whole baptism thing she had a very distinct impression/voice say to her "What are you afraid of?" She had a super spiritual experience with the baptism as well. She said she was in tears of joy that whole night. Shad a blast as well. G told us that it took her some time but she realized that the Book of Mormon had in fact increased her faith in God. She brought her sister to the baptism as well who we will be meeting with next week! Her sister is fluent in English, German and already Christian and thinks she knows everything about the world but she's willing to listen:)

The husband did not come to the baptism, he's always on the other side of the island working, hardly ever comes back. The mongolian girl is really afraid of what her parents will do to her if they find out shes learning about the church so thats been hard.

Yeah mooncakes are a big deal. So is pamelo, which they wear as a hat.

Besides that, my companion is training again so i have a new companion! And guess who it is? Remember Elder Thomas from Tennessee in the MTC? Well we're reunited once again! haha we were so surprised. Im super pumped though its gonna be a blast.

Other awesome news: J from Gao Xiong received the melchezidek priesthood this past week!

And another random story: We taught this Vietnamese guy this week. It's crazy how tough it is for these vietnamese guys to come over. We met in their "house" which is basically 4 pieces of corrugated metal on the side of the factory where they work. Cigarettes are too expensive for them so they were smoking this cheaper stuff from Vietnam. They make like no money but they do it for their families back home. We were having to use the translator on his phone to communicate, even though his chinese was pretty good. 

I'll try to get pictures off to you next week! Love you guys have a great week!

Elder Nelson


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