Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016 E. Mitton Has Kidney Stone

Elder Nelson on Split with E, Cox


How are y'all doing???????? Sister 's mom is currently on her way over to drop that package off to me! Super nice of her!

Oh and yeah that package was like a birthday/christmas combo haha. The shells were for mom's bday because shells made me think of her and i thought it would be cool to get her some Taiwanese ones. The yoyo was for smeag and the scroll was a christmas present. Glad you liked it!

Nope English classes are still a thing! 

Wait how old is that new member? How did he meet the missionaries? Im really curious about more of his back story! 

Senor you're catching on! haha tai bei, tai zhong, and tai nan (bei=north, zhong = middle, think china, nan = south )

Senor you asked how it was to bne able to speak, read and write chinese. It's awesome, i absolutely love chinese. The more i learn of it the more i love it. 

First and foremost gotta tell you guys the awesome news that T AND S ARE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!!!!! The husband gave the OK. It was super cool because on Wednesday or Thursday we went and shared the story with them of the Brother of Jared and how he presented a plan to the Lord and then went and exercised that plan in faith and because of it saw miracles. We invited them to make a similar plan about how to talk to the husband about it and we got an ecstatic call from her on Saturday morning telling us the good news! G will also be getting baptized this Saturday! We talked about spiritual answers with her and about how the Lord answers our prayers. She finally realized that the Book of Mormon had in fact increased her faith in God. Miracles happen every day out here!

Another cool miracle story. Remember that lady from Hong Kong who owns the apartment right by the college in our area? Well she introduced us last time to those 3 freshman at the college who have now heard about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. One has already read well into first nephi! Anddddd to the second lesson they brought another friend. Then at the third lesson they brought 3 more friends. All of these people live in the same apartment building. It's been super cool to see God providing these people for us to teach. They were originally the 3 musketeers and then the 4 ninja turtles but now that there are 7+ of them we're trying to come up with a new nickname for em haha.

We've also been teaching a little in English recently. I think I told you guys last week about the Mongolian Muslim girl A that we met. And then we also met this guy from Indonesia who had met the missionaries when he was back in Indonesia who's going to school over here. 

This week coming up is the mid autumn festival (remember last year a lot of BBQ and moon cakes) so we've been putting down mooncakes for days. 

My companion got a kidney stone this week :O So that was interesting. He randomly had this really intense pain and was like what is going onnn so we went to the hospital and realized it was a kidney stone. He still hasn't peed it out though. Today is also his 20th birthday so a member is taking us out to this buffett and then we're getting this free guitar lesson from the place that my comp bought a guitar from last week. Also hilarious because as we were coming in one night we saw this guitar just thrown outside the dumpster with its strings all mangled and being soaked in the rainstorm from that night so i took it up and today im gonna get it restringed. 

Those were the main highlights of the week i think..

This week I was reading a talk given by Elder Ballard in 1981 called "Do Things That Make a Difference." I think it's def worth the read but if you dont have time one thing that he talked a lot about was self discipline and how that can help us reach our goals. He then gave an invite along the lines of "Write down one thing you're doing right now that you know you shouldn't be doing. And stop doing it. Tonight. Then write down one thing you know you should be doing right now and aren't. and start doing it. tonight." Through goal setting, self discipline and hard work miracles are seen.

Love you guys have a great week!

Elder Nelson


                                                       In Bat Caves on P-day with E. Mitton

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