Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8. 2016 New Area Wu Feng

How were y'all this week?

Scary about Amy's wreck! Is she recovering ok?

haha dad those "pills" aren't even pills. This is where you have to make the distinguishment between 中藥(zhong yao - chinese medicine) and 西藥 (xi yao - western medicine). these little pills are esentially stuff that just helps clean out the junk in your stomach, like plum powder with some other stuff. ALL NATURAL. don't worry we're naturally stuffing ourselves to death.

The bikes good.

I dont need shirts, if i do ill get em here. Thanks.

The new mission president has instituted a lot of new rules actually which is kinda weird considering his whole thing was he wants to give us more agency, but still gotta trust him.

This was a really exciting one on this end. First and most importantly Brother Wang got baptized!!!!!! It was super sweet. His son and his wife both had the opportunities to share their testimonies and his little kid was so cute, talking about how happy he was that his dad could be doing church stuff with him. He started tearing up a little bit.Elder Stroud did the baptism, didn't mess up any of the words. It was also his birthday so afterwards they had cake and stuff an we all got to celebrate for a little bit. The next day at church i had the opportunity to confirm him a member of the church and give him the gift of the Holy Ghost, which was my first time doing so in Chinese. I've never seen that man so happy. He wore a tie to church and was just smiling the entire time. The funniest thing of all though i think is when he told Elder Stroud "Thank you" in English (coming from a guy who rarely even speaks mandarin and I've never heard once speak English).

And then for the sad news. On Thursday night we heard that they would be moving both me and Elder Stroud out of An Ding and whitewashing 2 new elders in. In our mission they rarely ever do that (Ive never heard of it before). It stunk because it was at a time when we were really starting to have great relationships with the  ward members, becoming good friends with them. We  were also seeing a lot of miracles with our investigators and other people that we'd been working with. One of our recently rescued less active members brother hou got up and bore his testimony in church. He's come a long way since the first time we met with him. WE also went and bought his mom's stinky tofu and shes opening up to the missionaries more.

And now all the members are pumped up about missionary work because we had the first baptism ever in this new ward. After church we took pics with everyone, but it was all on their cameras so i dont know how many ill be able to send to you guys. 

I really loved that ward a lot and will miss it. 

Danny continues to be awesome! He came to the baptism, church the next day and the FHE singles activity at night and loved it all. He hopes to be baptiized in a few weeks and is still searching for an answer about the Book of Mormon.

The cool Wang Family's wife's dad had to go the hospital so she had to look after him and we didnt have an opportunity to meet with them this week but they're super cool. I dont remember if i told you guys about Lily but she was an add from English class who is sooooooo cool. One of her friends "coincidentally" also recently got baptized and she's already felt the help of prayer as she has begun to develop her relationship with Heavenly Father.

It was hard to say good bye to zhi ying (Amy) as well. This week we went up and did service for her dad again, taking out grass in their garden. Afterwards they had us over for dinner and we got to know her family members better - like all her brothers sisters their kids and their parents. She also quit coffee this week! It was super cool because this one night i was praying particularly long hoping that we would be able to overcome this addiction and she told us the next day she felt like she had an extra power that she just hadn't had in the past. We also went to one of her brothers Tai qi classes on the roof of the library. Right as we were seeing these miracles and building great relationships..

Buttttt now im back up in Tai zhong! Im in a place called Wu feng. Its the less city part of taizhong but it's still way more city than my last area. My new companion is Elder Mitton, he's from Provo, UT and went to byu before coming out. He's been out for a while now, i think he only has like 3 transfers left on his mission. Buttt im still older than him haha. The new area seems super cool and im pumped to go to work but it was also sad to leave so abruptly. We were packing late last night and left this morning

I know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and listens to our prayers. I love and cherish the opportunity that i have to share that message with the people of Taiwan every day. Love you guy, have a great week!

Elder Nelson

P.S. A lot of pics were taken but all on other people's phones and cameras so hopefully i can have them send them to me and I can send them off to you.
                                                 Amy with Elders
Wang Family

Bro Wang

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