Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 21, 2016 Meeting with a Seventy and Getting Lung Cancer in the internet


How are things on the other side of the world this week?

On this end let's see. Thursday was probably one of the highlights. Elder Dave Evans of the Asia Area Presidency (used to be the president of the mission department) came and visited the missionaries up North. He talked about some stuff that Elder Oaks has said a lot about recently, just refocusing our missionary work on the doctrinal purpose of missionary work, helping people to experience full repentance and be then be baptized, making that covenant with God. Afterwards, in the second meeting they were talking about taking some stuff away that they hoped would make us more effective missionaries, one of which was English class. Which to be honest i think would be really dumb if they did but trust in your leaders right? 

In terms of people that we're working with, there was both good and bad. T and S are still doing great. Steven's the cutest kid ever. Buttt they still haven't told the husband yet which kinda worries us, especially when Tina told us that he will be more "慢慢來" or slow in coming along.

G is super cool as well. She's super diligent about studying the scriptures. She highlights all the scriptures in the back of the pamphlets in both the Book of Mormon and the Bible which is something that i haven't ever seen on my mission. She's got a lot of big "questions of the soul" right now. Purpose in life, the true character of God, what this message really means to her. She believes in the Plan of Salvation and in the concept of the Godhead though, which is huge! She's always sharing with us cool little things that she finds on the internet or in books about God/Christ. Funny side note she was actually reading The Life of Our Lord in chinese senor! 

E is doing super well. Shes well into Mosiah and loves the Book of Mormon/God. She continues to pray about baptism.

And then we run into one of the biggest things that prevents people from getting baptized here in Taiwan - 反對 (opposition). H and J the two awesome kids who have been coming to church every week have been threatened to be kicked out of the house if they get baptized. J dropped us, due to major opposition from her husband leading to some pretty nasty fights. Lots of other people have run into similar problems..

The one thing that i keep coming back to is in 2 Nephi 27 when God reminds us when he says "I am able to do mine own work." God has a perfect plan for all of us, no matter how hard that is to understand sometimes. I think that trust and faith in Him are as simple as making a choice. Choose to believe and act according to that conviction. I also think that our lives in general follow more or less a similar pattern. When we have a goal, a desire we must first make a choice to give everything to reach that goal and then go do it. It all starts with a choice.

Love you guys, have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson

P.S. Ill have to check out that article senor!

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