Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 21, 2016 Meeting with a Seventy and Getting Lung Cancer in the internet


How are things on the other side of the world this week?

On this end let's see. Thursday was probably one of the highlights. Elder Dave Evans of the Asia Area Presidency (used to be the president of the mission department) came and visited the missionaries up North. He talked about some stuff that Elder Oaks has said a lot about recently, just refocusing our missionary work on the doctrinal purpose of missionary work, helping people to experience full repentance and be then be baptized, making that covenant with God. Afterwards, in the second meeting they were talking about taking some stuff away that they hoped would make us more effective missionaries, one of which was English class. Which to be honest i think would be really dumb if they did but trust in your leaders right? 

In terms of people that we're working with, there was both good and bad. T and S are still doing great. Steven's the cutest kid ever. Buttt they still haven't told the husband yet which kinda worries us, especially when Tina told us that he will be more "慢慢來" or slow in coming along.

G is super cool as well. She's super diligent about studying the scriptures. She highlights all the scriptures in the back of the pamphlets in both the Book of Mormon and the Bible which is something that i haven't ever seen on my mission. She's got a lot of big "questions of the soul" right now. Purpose in life, the true character of God, what this message really means to her. She believes in the Plan of Salvation and in the concept of the Godhead though, which is huge! She's always sharing with us cool little things that she finds on the internet or in books about God/Christ. Funny side note she was actually reading The Life of Our Lord in chinese senor! 

E is doing super well. Shes well into Mosiah and loves the Book of Mormon/God. She continues to pray about baptism.

And then we run into one of the biggest things that prevents people from getting baptized here in Taiwan - 反對 (opposition). H and J the two awesome kids who have been coming to church every week have been threatened to be kicked out of the house if they get baptized. J dropped us, due to major opposition from her husband leading to some pretty nasty fights. Lots of other people have run into similar problems..

The one thing that i keep coming back to is in 2 Nephi 27 when God reminds us when he says "I am able to do mine own work." God has a perfect plan for all of us, no matter how hard that is to understand sometimes. I think that trust and faith in Him are as simple as making a choice. Choose to believe and act according to that conviction. I also think that our lives in general follow more or less a similar pattern. When we have a goal, a desire we must first make a choice to give everything to reach that goal and then go do it. It all starts with a choice.

Love you guys, have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson

P.S. Ill have to check out that article senor!

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016 Back to Taichung


How are y'all doing?????????

What's the story behing the two recent converts in our ward?

Lol "Bang Bang" is playing in this internet cafe right now.

Sooooooo this week was a week of adjusting. It always takes some time to get settled into a new area, and to the way that your companion does missionary work. This new area is definitely super sweet though. It's just weird returning to Tai Zhong, because i haven't been back here since i was in training. Must have been what Lebron felt like  returning home to Cleveland.

As the title suggests, we baptized again this week! Her name is 曾鈺芸 (ZYY/Amber). She's super cool. She went to a year of school then had to defer for a little bit to work. So shes been working at 7 for the past year saving up money which is where she was found. She was Christian growing up, but never super devout. It was awesome to hear her testimony after being baptized, she talked about how she found a fullness of doctrine in the church that she couln't find before. She also talked about how she felt like now she truly understood who God is, like actually understands what kind of a being He is. I totally agree. Im so grateful that in the church we can learn who God really is and develop a relationship with Him. That kind of relationship is sacred and real.

Besides that, there's just a really cool group of people that we're working with up here. I'll try to highlight a couple of them. Number one: Tina and Steven! Tina is a mother and her 9 year old son is Steven. They were found through English Class and they're super cool. The mom runs a clothing store and Steven LOVES transformers. haha ive never seen a kid with so many transformers. This morning at 6 he came to the park by our house and played basketball with us. haha the kid is a baller. They have a true desire to learn and come to know God. Steven told us that he feels a warm feeling everytime he prays. Only issue with them is that the dad lives on the east coast of the island doing some kind of environmentalism job and we've never seen him. They also apparently haven't old him they've been coming to church soo...But they're super cool Tina's English is also amazing, that's what she majored in  in college.

Jill. Jill is a mom with a little baby. She's been reading the Book of Mormon, a chapter a night up until almost 2 Nephi. She knows the Book of Mormon is true, has received a witness of it and loved the baptism which she attended. Buttttt coffee is hard for her to give up and her husband is superrrrr opposed, like says he'll divorce her if she gets baptized sooooo pray for her.

There are also a couple of super cool younger kids that we're teaching which is a new experience as well. There's this 16 year old girl named Emily who has flawless English and she's amazing. She reads at least 2 chapters in the Book of Mormon every night, up until Mosiah and she knows that the Book of Mormon is true. Shes seriously a genious. She wants to get baptized, but she wants to wait until she graduates to do it. 

And then there are two others, who are 10 and 13 who are amazing as well. They're Hank and Juliet. Hank has finished the Book of Mormon stories book and is now working on the Doctrine and Covenants. They've been to church a million times and they're parents are super friendly too just busy all the time with their bike shop (how they were found in the first place). So hard to know what the opposition is like. These parents and grandparents all oppose because they're afraid that if theyre kids dont burn stuff for them they'll have nothing to eat and wear in the next life.

Oh also a piece of Taiwanese Culture. This month is 中元節 (zhong yuan jie). I think in English it's called the ghost festival or something like that. It's the time of the year where they think that all of the ghosts/spirits come out so everyone is burning the paper money and food and stuff a ton.

Also got a totally asian haircut last week.

Anyways love you guys a ton. God lives and loves us. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson


                                                                 Taiwanese Ice

                                                     Wang Family Baptism in An Ding  E. Stroud and E. Nelson
Elder Sroud leaving An Ding

Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8. 2016 New Area Wu Feng

How were y'all this week?

Scary about Amy's wreck! Is she recovering ok?

haha dad those "pills" aren't even pills. This is where you have to make the distinguishment between 中藥(zhong yao - chinese medicine) and 西藥 (xi yao - western medicine). these little pills are esentially stuff that just helps clean out the junk in your stomach, like plum powder with some other stuff. ALL NATURAL. don't worry we're naturally stuffing ourselves to death.

The bikes good.

I dont need shirts, if i do ill get em here. Thanks.

The new mission president has instituted a lot of new rules actually which is kinda weird considering his whole thing was he wants to give us more agency, but still gotta trust him.

This was a really exciting one on this end. First and most importantly Brother Wang got baptized!!!!!! It was super sweet. His son and his wife both had the opportunities to share their testimonies and his little kid was so cute, talking about how happy he was that his dad could be doing church stuff with him. He started tearing up a little bit.Elder Stroud did the baptism, didn't mess up any of the words. It was also his birthday so afterwards they had cake and stuff an we all got to celebrate for a little bit. The next day at church i had the opportunity to confirm him a member of the church and give him the gift of the Holy Ghost, which was my first time doing so in Chinese. I've never seen that man so happy. He wore a tie to church and was just smiling the entire time. The funniest thing of all though i think is when he told Elder Stroud "Thank you" in English (coming from a guy who rarely even speaks mandarin and I've never heard once speak English).

And then for the sad news. On Thursday night we heard that they would be moving both me and Elder Stroud out of An Ding and whitewashing 2 new elders in. In our mission they rarely ever do that (Ive never heard of it before). It stunk because it was at a time when we were really starting to have great relationships with the  ward members, becoming good friends with them. We  were also seeing a lot of miracles with our investigators and other people that we'd been working with. One of our recently rescued less active members brother hou got up and bore his testimony in church. He's come a long way since the first time we met with him. WE also went and bought his mom's stinky tofu and shes opening up to the missionaries more.

And now all the members are pumped up about missionary work because we had the first baptism ever in this new ward. After church we took pics with everyone, but it was all on their cameras so i dont know how many ill be able to send to you guys. 

I really loved that ward a lot and will miss it. 

Danny continues to be awesome! He came to the baptism, church the next day and the FHE singles activity at night and loved it all. He hopes to be baptiized in a few weeks and is still searching for an answer about the Book of Mormon.

The cool Wang Family's wife's dad had to go the hospital so she had to look after him and we didnt have an opportunity to meet with them this week but they're super cool. I dont remember if i told you guys about Lily but she was an add from English class who is sooooooo cool. One of her friends "coincidentally" also recently got baptized and she's already felt the help of prayer as she has begun to develop her relationship with Heavenly Father.

It was hard to say good bye to zhi ying (Amy) as well. This week we went up and did service for her dad again, taking out grass in their garden. Afterwards they had us over for dinner and we got to know her family members better - like all her brothers sisters their kids and their parents. She also quit coffee this week! It was super cool because this one night i was praying particularly long hoping that we would be able to overcome this addiction and she told us the next day she felt like she had an extra power that she just hadn't had in the past. We also went to one of her brothers Tai qi classes on the roof of the library. Right as we were seeing these miracles and building great relationships..

Buttttt now im back up in Tai zhong! Im in a place called Wu feng. Its the less city part of taizhong but it's still way more city than my last area. My new companion is Elder Mitton, he's from Provo, UT and went to byu before coming out. He's been out for a while now, i think he only has like 3 transfers left on his mission. Buttt im still older than him haha. The new area seems super cool and im pumped to go to work but it was also sad to leave so abruptly. We were packing late last night and left this morning

I know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and listens to our prayers. I love and cherish the opportunity that i have to share that message with the people of Taiwan every day. Love you guy, have a great week!

Elder Nelson

P.S. A lot of pics were taken but all on other people's phones and cameras so hopefully i can have them send them to me and I can send them off to you.
                                                 Amy with Elders
Wang Family

Bro Wang

August 1, 2016


How are you guys doing????????

This week was another good one on this end. Still striving every day to better understand the spirit and use it to not only preach the gospel, but live my life.

Senor: On sunday evenings we're normally tracting because that's the only time in the entire week when there are whole families at home. It's the best finding time that we have.

Brother Wang is getting baptized this Saturday! He passed his interview and everything and is ready to go. The man loves his family and has seen the positive change that living the gospel has brought into his family members' lives. He himself hasn't had a ton of spiritual experiences himself but he wants to be with his family forever and he believes this is one of the things that he has to do for that to happen. Our ward is pumped, first baptism ever in the An Ding ward.

I can't remember if i told you guys about Danny but he continues to be awesome. He has really good questions about the Book of Mormon and has a big desire to learn. Problem is he only has a bike and the church is like a 30 to 40 minute bike ride away from where he lives. Hoping to get him there this sunday. 

We found a cool family this week, of course on the last house that we tracted. The mom and dad both came to church this week for 3 hours. They're main problem is one that is an idea that a lot of people in Taiwan have, which is that all churches are the same. Like as long as they teach people to do good that's good enough. And we're like well yeah but no not really..

One of the coolest experiences though was in working with Sister Lin.  It's been such a neat experience to be able to get to know her. Her biggest question was about whether the worshipping that her parents do or Heavenly Father/Jesus Christ was correct. And we've essentially just been reading the Book of Mormon with her every night as she searches for this answer.Seeing how the Book of Mormon changes peoples' lives has been a testament to me of the truthfulness of the book. As she was reading one night she came across a verse that i had noticed before, but now serving in Taiwan has a lot more meaning, in 1 Nephi 20:5 "And I have even from the beginning declared to thee; before it came to pass I showed them thee; and I showed them for fear lest thou shoulds say - Mine idol hath done them, and my graven image, and my molten image hath commanded them" To her this verse was Heavenly Father telling her that He had given her these previous spiritual experiences so that she could know it was Him and not the "graven images." Through reading the Book of Mormon together we've been able to become good friends as well as to have both of our testimonies strengthened. 

Speaking of sister Lin, she got a bonus at work which she used to treat us out to the nicest restaurant that i have ever been to in my life. literally like 10 courses, where this chef cooks it in front of you. Seafood, steak, everything. They even torched these ice cream things at the end it was ridiculous.

This week i learned some new things from the story of Nephi on the boat on their way to America. As y'all know, eventually Nephi is bound by his brothers and it kinda sucks. In 1 Nephi  18 though, it talks about how the Lord lets these trials/experiences/tests happen to us so that he can manifest His power unto us. It's in those times of weakness that we truly come to know God. Sometimes i wonder though, what would happen if we didn't have to wait until we're weak to look upward.

I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson


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Elders with Young Men

                                                   Scallops and Caviar in Anding
                                                 Elder Stroud in Anding

                      The Wang Family