Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2015 E. Stroud Gets Dysentary


How were you guys this week?

To be honest not much happened this week, except for the big news of the week. Which issssss that my companion got dysentery this week! Which i thought was just something that little children in Africa got from drinking water but apparently from eating dirty street food in Taiwan you can get it as well. Somehow I managed to not get it but my comp was going to the bathroom like 15 + times a day having bloody diarrhea. He also had stomach cramps and just felt like crap ( no pun intended) so needless to say we did not get to go out and proselyte this week. Which meant we also didn't get to go to the "Meet the President" conference or interviews. But, President Teh was determined to be able to meet us so he drove down specially to our apartment and interviewed us on our beds. He's one of those guys where he walks in the room you just feel like there's a tangible spiritual difference. He's also planning on getting rid of the small Taiwan Rules and Clarifications book because he feels like the scriptures, PMG and the white handbook are what we should be focusing on. He also said that since we wont have anyone looking over our shoulder in the real world, he hopes that we can learn to make those kinds of obedience decisions ourselves, instead of outlining every small rule for us. Sister Teh wrecked us for our apartment (funny because this might be the nicest apartment i've been in my whole mission). It was the first Elder's apartment that she had seen in Taiwan.

Besides that, Brother W is still looking good to be baptized on the 6th of August. I got the note with the Peanut Butter from you guys! After reading the talk by Elder Holland, i thought it would mean a lot to the sister Lin that we've been working with as well so i gave it to her so that she could try to get something out of it as well. Everyone else didn't really have a big opportunity to meet with this last week. Still doing our best to find those who are prepared to hear the gospel!

Remember about a year ago when we went and ate that massive bowl of ice and stuff? Well this time we actually did the challenge, which is 2 people finishing it in 2 hours. And let me tell you that thing was just as nasty as i remembered. It was hilarious we were like famous people. They were all like WHO ARE THOSE 2 WHITE GIANTS EATING THAT HUGE BOWL OF ICE. Everyone wanted selfies with us and were staring at us. Oh and yeah because we finished it in an hour and 15 minutes we got all of our money back. It was full of ice, this nasty brown sugar, red beans, taro root, fruit, this other nasty sugar stuff etc. I definitely threw up a couple times but emerged victorious nonetheless.
Note from Andrew's mom:  NOT what I want to hear....gross out! 
The weather's looking to pick up again this week. Super hot today. The East coast was apparently more seriously affected by the typhoon than we were. Rice fields are still in tip top shape after the storm. Scooters are still chugging along. My chinese has definitely gotten worse since being with my companion. It sure helps the language a lot to be with a native speaker. A movecall is a transfer aka 6 weeks. For some reason in our mission we call it movecall because the saturday before that monday you get a call telling you where you're moving to. 

This morning as i was studying the vision of the tree of life in 1 Nephi 8, I noticed for the first time that right as Lehi followed the man in the white robe, the first place that he was led was into a " dark and dreary waste." So even if we are making the right decision to follow God and give our very best, we'll still run into trials, temptations, etc because that is how we learn and grow and how God's plan for us is fulfilled.

Love you guys so much, hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson


                                                          E.. Stroud with La Crosse Guy

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