Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 201y Typhoon Nepartak Hits Coast

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How was your guys week?

So yeah this week we had a typhoon. Apparently it was supposed to be stronger than the one last year in Taizhong, but down here in Tainan they're all not super serious. The mountains catch the brunt of the storm. There has been a TON of rain though. Like it has not stopped raining since the typhoon came in. Like HARD rain every day. That day we had weekly planning then made calls for forever inside. Then we wrote some notes. I think the one last year in Taizhong was more intense, when the wall of our chapel got blown out haha. Everyone just continued life on as normal that night after the storm. Im not sure what happens to the agriculture to be honest, i think if anything it's helped out. Our apartment had no issues. My comp was pretty used to the typhoon life, because he's from Florida.

Besides that.....we got treated out to two different buffets this week, one of which was absolutely insane. Like unlimited sashimi, crab, susi, meat, dumplings, pizza, hagen dasz ice cream, like anything you can think of they had it. The other one was this all you can eat meat buffet (that's one of the awesome things about taiwan, they have really good buffets for really cheap). At this meat buffet though, the guy who treated us out loved eating all the weirdest foods including pig butthole and other inside intestines and organs. He ordered a huge plate of em and was like "go  for it." haha in case you were wondering, pig butthole tastes exactly how it sounds like it would taste.

People we're working with right now...Brother W is playing in Malaysia this week so we couldn't meet with them but we're still looking for the 6th of August for his baptism. Sister L has been praying every day! But we were't able to go see her this week because of the typhoon. I told you guys about Sister D right? The one who believes aliens are protecting the earth? Well she's been reading in the Book of Mormon which is more than we can say about most of our other investigators right now.  The Lin family is yet to be determined whether they will progress. Brother L just likes treating missionaries, doesnt really care about the gospel. The wife doesn't have a "desire" to know if our message is true but rather is just "curious" so shes willing to read. Aand then the less active sister L that we've been meeting with (who's progressing really well btw - reading the Book of Mormon every night) introduced her coworker to us and she's really cool, willing to learn. Her English is super good as well, comes to English class every week. But yeah all our investigators are kind of on the borderline of progressing or not right now. Hoping we can find some really prepared people this week!

Oh btw do y'all remember when all those cool Taiwanese people threw a little dinner party for me? Well at the party I met Kimball (or maybe Spencer I forget which is which) but anyways he was a twin with his brother who made Spencer Kimball together. Anyways, his other half is in my ward right now! Small world...

Also brother F from my last area got baptized! So sweet, eternal family!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick thought from Ephesians 4:32 "and be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you." Something that mommy always taught me that i've definitely obtained a testimony about is that you can never go wrong by going the extra mile to be kind to someone, to put their needds above your own. Help those pick themselves up who can't do it by themselves:)

Love you guys, have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson

      E. Nelson with Dino
           E. Nelson with Guava Farmer

E. Nelson and E. Stroud ini Tainan

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