Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016 Continued Training with Elder Stroud


Happy Summer Break!

Mommy i got your letter! Getting a snail mail is always a highlight so thank you a ton! plus the message you shared with me was great as well. When does Sister Lin get up here?

So this weekkkkkkkkkkk.

I always forget what happens in the weeks now but luckily I have a companion who's fresh on island and keeps a list soo some random funny stuff from the week:

When we were biking home from our area one night we stopped at this little taiwanese cake stand on the side of the road (it was a lady who we had contacted before about the church) and she was like do you like pizza? And we're like uhh yeah and she whips out this box of pizza hut pizza and just gives us each 2 pieces of pizza.

We convinced this guy that my companion's last name, stroud, is just an english word for a special, bigger kind of cloud.

I introduced my comp to the thousand year old egg this week. He had it in his mouth for about two weeks before he started spitting it out. I proceeded to take the rest and eat it all. Made me realize how Asian i've become because i actually LIKED eating it lol.

One night we were in our Area in 安定 (An ding) at like 9:00 just finishing up a lesson so we had to sprint on the bikes home and biked what normally takes at least an hour and 15 minutes in like 35. We were straight up drenched in sweat walking in the door that night. 

 Frank moved back to Taipei this week so we went and got a lunch with him and got a pic with him before he left.

One of the people we're working with (Sister L) took us out to an Argentinian Steakhouse where the steaks were SO GOOD. She also ordered a lot of random stuff (she loves treating us) of which the most unusual was probably squid covered in like a chili cheese sauce haha. It might have been the only time in my life ill eat fried rice with steak. It was good though because we got to real talk with her about some of her feelings of returning to church (she's an RM who hasnt been to church in forever). She's just super confused about everything because she'll go with her parents to worship in the buddhist temples and feels like its given her some peace/helped her parents and she just doesnt know if she can say that this church is the "only true church" and she feels like a hypocrite coming to our church if this buddhist God has helped her. Trying to help her see that every religion has truth and that it's the same God who's watching over all of us so of course He'd help her mom and dad.

We contacted this guy who has been contacted by missionaries before apparently. His name is Mr. H.. He was the funniest dude ever. He would say a joke, trying to speak english then laugh so hard at his own joke that he would have to walk away for a sec to regroup and compose himself.

We're going to be having a new stake in 嘉義 (Jia yi), just barely north of us.

Besides that, we're still working with BH and  BZ.  BH heard from his mom stuff about us being polygamists/the word of wisdom so that was an interesting lesson. He's got some issues with the word of wisdom because he loves to party. He wasn't able to make it to church because he was so hung over. Buttttttt he's still willing to meet with us and he likes the book of mormon.

 BZ randomly had work stuff so couldnt come to church but he's solid as well. Had a few random people come to church who we had contacted on the street and they were willing to set up for later so that was good to get the ward pumped up about missionary work.

Things are going well over here. I'm serving in the best mission in the world having an experience that i'll never forget.

God lives. 

Love you guys hope you have a great week!

Elder Nelson

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