Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27,2016 The Blickenstaff's Last Week in Taiwan

                                                                    E. Nelson and E. Stroud
                                                               Buffet in Tainan - 4 Man Apartment
                                                           Elders in Tainan
                                                            Kentucky Fried Chicken in Tainan
                                                    Families in Tainan


To answer some questions...

Language: Going well. I don't get a lot of time to study it for myself because almost all the language study time is spent helping my trainee. Everyone can understand what im saying, just trying to become more fluent every day. It's a lot harder when you speak a lot in english with your companion.

Food: Last week i brought my son to his first Taiwanese 吃到飽 (Buffet) called 石頭. It's basically unlimited meat, sushi, fruit, drinks, ice cream like you name it they got it. We went hard. Also super sketchy but the Taiwanese guy in our 4 man gave us these chinese medicine things that like clean out your stomach that make you able to eat more apparently and i swear they worked. It was 8 tiny pellet shaped balls. Like i didn't even know it was possible to put that much food into my body. Great time.

Comp: Doing well. He's a bro. Cool guy, always fired up about the work. Getting used to everything slowly but surely. This was one of the fastest move calls ever.

People: Super Taiwanese as usual.

Scooters: They're still everywhere.

Bike: Still holding up. This other elder wanted to sell me this brand new bike that he'd never ridden for 4500 kuai and iwas tempted but i held out. This one's gonna last me to the end.

Rice fields: Filled with A ma's.

Investigators: A lot of our investigators have kind of fizzled out recently to be honest. We're teaching that part member family still. This week we read through the story of Ammon with him to try to get him interested in reading about the Book of Mormon/relating  his situation to Lamoni's (not knowing God etc) He's the epitome of a "cool guy" like that's how he wants to come off. He brushes off everything that is directed towards him/makes him actually share his feelings but there are times when you can tell that he's touched by certain stuff. The most important thing to him in life is his son. That's why he's even willing to meet with us in the first place.

We're also still teaching the former family. They're super nice. The wife has a lot more desire to learn. But so far they're not really "keeping their commitments" or doing the things that we invite them to do. Which is the problem with most of our investigators to be honest...Which means we'll probably stop meeting with a lot of them.

With Sister L (the less active RM) this week we reviewed with her about the Restoration of the Gospel. She's totally willing to read the book of mormon every night again and she's told us she has comfortable feelings when she reads the Book of Mormon but she can't get over the fact that when she went to 拜拜(bai bai - worship in the taiwanese temples) in the past she and her family received help from it and her biggest question is whether the God that she knows from reading the Book of Mormon and the God that helped her when she did this 拜拜'ing is the same God or not. The way i see it is God is our Heavenly Father. Of course if his children reach out to him in other ways, he still wants to help them. But yeah it just takes time.

We went up to do the trainer follow up meeting this week. Good opportunity for my comp to catch up with some of his old buds. So we got to see president for the last time. Crazy to think that he's going home this week. It will definitely be a big adjustment.

Random funny story: In English class this week our lesson was on diversity.  So we split them up and had them come up and report on different countries' culture and stuff. One group got Kenya so we asked the class who knew where Kenya was and this dude just blurts out "Obama's homeland!" Classic.

Also this is an email from James, the guy who got baptized in my last area : 我覺得我這機個月最大不同是心裡很平靜   有聖靈的陪伴  不會煩惱一堆事情   這是最棒的  不然以前我每天都在煩惱  哈哈 He said the biggest change he's seen in his life has been the added peace that the gospel has brought into his life, especially the companionship of the holy ghost which allows him to not worry about small things, but about more important things in life. It's the testimonies of people i've met and taught the gospel to me that has strengthened my testimony the most.

This week in 3rd Nephi I was reading about when Jesus comes down among the Nephites. I find it interesting that it was not until the 3rd time that the people understood the voice that came down from heaven. Sometimes answer's are on the Lord's timetable, not ours.

Love and miss you guys!! Have a great week!

Elder Nelson

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