Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 20, 2016


How was this week for y'all???????

Happy Father's Day to Pops! haha not gonna lie, on Sunday I totally forgot that it was in father's day because here in Taiwan father's day is celebrated on the 8th of August. Becauseeeee the way you say dad in Chinese is 爸爸 (ba ba) and August 8th is 八月八號(ba yue ba hao or ba ba for short). I feel like they're a lot more clever in their choice of when to celebrate father's day.

So once again, im sitting at the computer not knowing what interesting stories to bring up from the week buttttt Elder stroud has saved me. 

We went and visited the Wfamily this week (I feel like I've told you guys about them before - part member family.) They had us over for these super delicious dumplings inside of a sour spicy soup. Sister W also has this mean tapioca pudding that she makes and gives to the missionaries. Anyways, afterwards we sat down with them and shared pieces of the Plan of Salvation, specifically trying to help Bro W see the importance of this decision so that he can be with his family forever, bearing testimony of the influence that a dad can have on a boy (shout out to pops). Anyways, he set a baptismal goal for his birthday! He's still reluctant about some commitments but is looking like he's gonna progress.

One night we were meeting with a less active member and we had our bishop go with us. After the lesson, Bishop's like hey have you guys eaten food yet? And we were like nah and he's like alright i'll treat ya. So we went to this Korean place, ate some super good food and took some money selfies. He told us not to send the one home because he thought he didn't look (shuai) enough in it but i couldn't resist. 

While we were out contacting we met a German dude who only spoke german and russian and was living in how.....

A thought: I love this story about Isaac Newton, not sure if Ive told you before buttttt people would always ask Isaac Newton how did you think of Gravity? And his response was very simple. He just said, it's what was always on my mind. When he didn't have anything else to think about,  that's what he was thinking about. Falling asleep, that's what he was thinking about. Getting up out of bed, that's what he was thinking about. When no one else was round, that's what he was thinking about. I think there's something that we can learn from Sir Isaac. If there's something that we truly desire, that is what must occupy our thoughts at all times. We have to have that DESIRE. So i guess thequestion is 
what is occupying our thoughts?

Love you guys have a great week!!

Elder Nelson

, E. Stroud, E. Nelson and Bishop inTainan
 Andrew on Couch in Taiwan Jungle

E. Stroud,Bishop,and E.Nelson

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