Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016 In the Rice Paddies


How are you guys????????????

Sorry a little bit low on time today so we'll see how much i can get typed out in the little time that i have left.

I just walked in and got new contacts in the time span of like 5 minutes here lol. Taiwan is the best.

The Dynamic duo! awesome :)

Yeah after planning at 9:30 pm  you have personal time where, if you want to, you can play board games. I personally prefer to write in my journal, do a quick ab workout, and read the scriptures, but sometimes Elder X must be appeased haha.

A couple random experiences from the week: This past Monday we shared with one of our investigators the Plan of Salvation. And we ran into a problem that we run into a lot in Taiwan, reincarnation. We had these little picture cut outs, but everytime we explained to her and bore testimony about the Resurrection, she would just take the little piece for resurrection and put it AFTER the 3 kingdoms of glory... She's like yeah i believe this plan, but.....She also believes that all of the professors at Harvard are aliens though sooooooooo

We got invited to sing a hymn at a traditional funeral this weekend. It was an interesting experience. They set up these big like portable tents with a bunch of small straight-backed golden chairs. And they say almost the entire thing in Taiwanese. At the end, you bow to the deceased, and then they give you like a small towel as you leave. It was a really interesting experience.

When we were contacting up in our area this one day we ran into this lady who was hauling these huge bags of peanuts onto the back of her scooter. She gave us a bunch of free ones so we got to eat raw peanuts for the first time. They were kinda nasty to be honest, i prefer some good ole peanut butter ;)

This week we also met a really cool oooop out of time

Love and miss you guys a ton! HAave a great week!

Elder Nelson


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