Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016 E. Nelson in Rural Taiwan - Ryan Scoville Visits Houston

So this week what happened...

On Monday for P-day a member drove us up to this really beautiful water reservoir. On the way we also stopped in the hometown of mangoes in taiwan, a place called yu jin. Mangoes here are so good and i dont remember them being very tasty back home. Taiwanese fruit is something that will definitely be missed. Gotta make the most of this summer.

Saturday we went to a less active member who we've been working with's house to help her dad out with taking out some weeds/grass stuff in their backyard garden.We had these hoe/shovel like things that we were going at the ground with. Then made a wall out of a bunch of bricks. Her nephew came too so as we worked we were able to get to know him a little bit. He was super curious about our church and stuff but right now hes 當兵 (dang bing) which is the required military service for all guys in Taiwan. Should be trying to find a time to ball with him later though. Anddd the sister, a sister lin (who is a returned missionary) came to church on Sunday for the first time in years. It was kinda cool because in Taiwan here there are a bunch of people from the philipines who come to work in the factories or whatever. And her work is to help out these philipinos when they get in tough situations (her english is really good). Anyways sunday at church there was a philipino member who got up and bore his testimony in english and i think it really hit home with her.

Another miracle on Sunday : another less  active member who we had been working with and (without us inviting him to do so) brought his older sister (who is also less active) and her son. They acted like completely active members. Super cool.

Im still kinda off without running and stuff... That's kinda the name of the game though i guess.

Recently, during personal study im starting to pick apart my patriarchal blessing (like gifts, warnings, prophecies, promised blessings) and i'm hoping to direct my studies from that in the coming months.

Me and my companion can communicate fine, but yes bananas are still a theme. Long rides on bike are ok. No investigators yet.

A thought from the week - Moroni 8:16 "...perfect love casteth out all fear." No matter what struggles we're going through, or what those we love are going through I know that as long as we show true love for everyone around us, we cannot fail. 

Love and miss you guys a ton!

Elder Nelson


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