Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016 Elder Andrew Turns 20!


Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! While i am now officially halfway through i will not be less than a year until next week. I have to say the absolute best part of my birthday (tbh most of the day i forgot it was my birthday, kinda like my first mission birthday) was seeing that AWESOME pic of you guys. so much fun to see the fam. You guys look great! Now all that's missing is the other half up in springville :)

That's rough for the hamster with the wisdom teeth. I remember the painnnn. Did she do anything really loopy? 

Senor when i told everyone here that you had osteoperosis they didn't believe me at first. I told them yeah now i can't hug him as hard or he'll snap

What made Tim's talk so impactful? What did he share? I've always really appreciated Tim, the type of person that he is, and his testimony

In other news, this week was exciting as I picked up my new companion, fresh out of the MTC. They fly in on Wednesday, get a little orientation and then on Friday we all go up to 台中 (tai zhong) to pick them up. They have this meeting where you randomly grab someone as they're coming up and sit with them for the meeting then at the end you open up this envelope and see who your real trainer is. Crazy enough, i randomly picked my trainee as he came in! He's a pretty cool bro, his name is Elder Stroud. Went to BYU for Summer and Fall Term then came out on his mish.. haha he's a funny guy, but i can tell that everything right now is a big adjustment for him. Kinda a culture shock. And its just so funny because i know EXACTLY how he's feeling but i feel like it's kinda just like one of those things that has to be worked out over time. I've tried really hard since he came out to just get him pumped up/full of faith about the work (telling him an ding is the promised land, how we're going to see miracles, etc) and he's going right along with it. He's got a lot of faith and im excited to work with him. We kinda each wrote out our vision goals and plans for this upcoming 2 movecalls. Should be a blast.

On his first full day we had to take care of some small random details, like getting him a bike. While we were in a 7 we got contacted by some Jehovah's witnesses. It was super funny it was like they were trying to be so inconspicuous about it. Like bought drinks and sat down at the table in front of us and then nonchalantly turned around and asked us what we were doing. After we told them we were reading the bible. Then that got em going and we eventully caught on that they were witnesses. They were super nice. It was just funny because after quoting some scriptures to us they felt like they had just convinced us of the truthfulness of their church or whatever but in reality it was all stuff that we as Mormon's believe as well! Like why we experience dificulties and challenges in life, etc. We exchanged tracts.

On Sunday we got treated to this lasagna dinner by a lady who's staying in Taiwan to do family history for a little bit. She had all of the missionaries over for a big dinner. It was super good.

Can't really think of much else exciting. Let me know if there's anything else you wanna know.

A thought from Romans 12:21 "Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good" Just be a good person, do good things, help those in need, lift up those who need lifting, think outside of ourselves and our own needs. If everyone would just be GOOD, i feel like the world would be a lot better :)

Love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Elder Nelson


          Twenty Years Ago When Andrew Came to Our House!!!
          He is superman left front; With Amy and Phil in the middle.

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