Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 Andrew in New Area for One Week


How are you guys??? Hope you're finally starting to get over your sickness stuff....

Well i now have a week under my belt in the new area. I figured out that i realized that i lied in my last email when i said my companion can't speak any english. I've been writing down the words he knows how to say and i believe i now have a full list : banana (a particular favorite of his), potatoe, cheese, i dont know, so good, oh mann, dear heavenly father, in the name of jesus christ amen, we thank thee for a beautiful day, and we love you. Needless to say the majority of my days are spent speaking chinese.

Senor i am now in ken ding. That is a different area in our mission. Our ward is called 安定支會. The areas that we're in charge of are 安定,安南,七股,西港,山上,佳里,善化,新市. In romanized letters an ding, an nan, qi gu, xi gang, shan shang, jia li, shan hua and xin shi. Ping dong county is the area of the zone leaders in my last area.

I'll think about what i would want sister lin to bring up when she comes, but for the time being you know i love me some good peannut butter  ;) my socks are fine and my shirts are pretty gross but everyone's shirts get like that in very little time in taiwan so no need for more clothes.

I do not know a Mason Tuttle. Must have moved in later on.

That is absolutely horrible about the murder at UT. Super scary. arijit says he walks by the place where they found her every day on the way to his thermo class. Unreal. 

This week's been kind of interesting because my luggage still hasnt gotten here from my last area. I only brought a couple changes of clothes so ive been having to wash my stuff every couple days. Kinda a pain. Hoping it didnt get lost somewhere along the way...oh also i forgot to mention that i'm living in a four man so thats fun. One thing thats kinda rough about this area is that where we live is like a 30-40minute bike ride from the closest part in our area. Other parts are 3 -4 hours away by bike. Sooo what that means is that the "prime proselyting" time is spent biking home. 

We're essentially "white-washing" here as when i got here there were literally no investigators, former investigators or potential investigators. We're going to be doing a lot of finding this week It's also kind of stressful because i feel like president kind of has an expectation for me to somehow turn this area into the best area in the mission. So we're going to be doing a lot of finding. Didn't get a great opportunity to meet the ward this week because it was conference and all.

My companion doesn't like running in the mornings so we've been doing workouts inside. And man i can tell a difference. I'm way more tired when im not running in the mornings. There's something about running that just gets your body going. Sooo ive been trying to wake up a little earlier, around 6:00 to try to replicate that feeling but so far no success. 

In other news, my companion shaved my head last night so i am now "buzz buzzardo" as senor would say. Much more comfortable. He also had me try chicken feet for the first time as well as lotus root.

Im teaching my companion some spanish right now. Its hilarious hes been trying to work on the rolling the R all morning. 

Conference was absolutely incredible. I was, same as senor, also particularly struck by President Monson's brief but powerful message. The truth that "decisions determine destiny" has resounded more and more with me as I've grown older. Idk i might sound like a weirdo but one thing that i've been thinking more and more about since i've come on my mission is the purpose of life, what we're supposed to accomplish while we're here on earth. Hearing so many people reject what we're sharing, with no knowledge of what our purpose is here on earth makes you wonder, what IF there's nothing after we die? Are we just here to grow up, work,eat, sleep and then die? If there was truth about where we come from, where we're going, and what we have to do here on earth to reach our final destination, wouldn't we want to know how to do it? If i'm being honest, my mission has also been a time where maybe i've had some of my greatest "doubts" about the validity of this church. However. i have a testimony that our purpose on this earth is to progress and learn so that we can one day inherit the eternal blessings that our Father in Heaven has waiting for us. Some of the greatest things that we can do in this life are to help other people along this same path through service, overcoming our own desires (of the natural man), and through starting our own eternal families. Little decisions that we make every day to choose the "harder right" versus the "easier wrong" truly will lead to the greatest blessings and happiness. Decisions determine destiny.

I love you guys so much and hope you have an awesome week!

Elder Nelson


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