Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016


How is everybody?? 

Gavin got called to this mission whattttttttttttttttttttttttttt that is so cool!!!!!! ahhhh wait when is his reporting date??? That would be the coolest thing ever if we were companions. 

Sounds like the ballet was fun senor! followed by an absolutely revolting dinner haha. 

Hope hamster's recovering okay..

Im guessing you guys aren't going to mustang island for spring break huh..

ooooh an astros game would be fun to go to, bro down with Ryan. ALthough the red socks tickets are probably superrrrrrr expensive

Comp is good. We continue to get along fine (which i've been pretty blessed with on my mission, people that i can get along with).

the food is also gooood. This week we made our own noodles, we made cornbread, an alfredo sauce (alfredo pizza). Btw ill have you know that all this stuff we've been making is us improving, just going based on what we kinda know from previous experiences with cooking. haha its fun

The weather's starting to heat up a little bit again. Getting the nice sweat on in the suit pants on the way to church.

The language is impossible. haha jk but seriously. I can now read the BOM in chinese which is super helpful in lessons. Recently ive been working with these kind of flashcards called HSK if you know what they are.

The people are AWESOME. X's baptism got moved to this upcoming Saturday because there was a relief society activity on the same day and they thought that it would be too hard to do both. this week we shared about the priesthood and missionary work with him. He should be good to go for this Saturday. This last sunday for the single FHE activity he brought the game. Back home  I had  never played so many random fun games as i ahve since coming to Taiwan.

Next Saturday , the kid from a part member family should be getting baptized. Random note about him - he loves nerf guns.

That's awesome that the elders on that end are seeing an upsurge in the work. Have there been any recent baptisms in our ward?

I wrote down that talk you mentioned pops and will be studying it again this week.

thats super good you've been able to get to the y recently mommy! you're probably in better shape than i am. Where are you at in the Old testament? You're right, dad's a STUD.

We kinda saw a miracle this week as one of the less active's that we'd been meeting with told us "when i read the BOM things in my life just go better and i dont know why." And we were like, well let's talk about that."

You're totally right about not focusing on baptisms senor, but it's kinda hard not to focus on it at the same time when we have a worldwide broadcast from the general authorities titled "Preach Repentance and Baptize converts" My personal view on it is that that should always be our goal - to help people to fully repent and be able to prepare to be baptized but we shouldn't let that cloud our judgement/reason.
You guys are awesome and blessed for having the missionaries over for dinner. How often do you have them over? Seems like its pretty often...or maybe i just have absolutely no sense of time. 

So this thursday we had a special Zone Conference which is basically where a bunch of missionaries get together and are inspired by some of our leaders (i.e. mission president, his wife, zone leaders, assistants to the president, etc.). It was full of both physical (Costco pizza) and spiritual nourishment. One of the biggest things that i took from it is the importance of helping our investigators truly come to know the godhead (look at the January Liahona talk by Elder Holland if you have time), which is especially true in a country like this. A lot of times, missionaries will just launch straight into a discussion about the restoration of the gospel, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon etc but these people don't even understand the concept of a loving Heavenly Father. It also made me think about my own relationship with Heavenly Father - do I really know Him? Do I really have a relationship with him? 

Yeah anyways i love and miss you guys a ton! Hope you have an awesome week!

Love, Elder Nelson

                   RECENT COOKING DISHES

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