Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 Week 45


So,  the 11 year old kid got baptized this week and confirmed the next day in church yayy. Everything went off without a hitch. He's a cute little thug.

Then there is Y-  He really did have a desire to be baptized, and was talking the entire week especially about the opportunity to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. So Saturday we go ahead with the baptism. He got really stressed out when he found out that there had to be a program to go with it. So eventually we make it downstairs and after the 2 kids who were getting baptized before him, we go down into the water. When he came out of the water, he had the biggest,  grin on his face. And as i was changing he told my companion that because of the feelings he had at his baptism he felt like his faith had been strengthened. So the baptism went off without a hitch and then Sunday he just didn't show up at church for the confirmation. We called him like 5 times and we still haven't gotten a hold of him. I'm trying not to stress out about it, but i'm worrying for him. Please send prayers his way!

And this computer just said that i only have 5 minutes left...ooops.

Ummm besides that other random stuff: Z, the guy who got baptized last week wore a shirt and tie to church this week for the first time. He was so funny he kept saying he felt like he was going to work, asking us if he'd get used to it, etc. He's doing well.

Our CO monitor went off in the middle of the night one night, only to find out the levels actually weren't lethal and after switching the batteries it was all good to go. Still kinda freaky.

ahhh i cant remember anything else sorry.

This week i was ponderizing Acts 20:35 "...remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said it is more blessed to give than to receive." Maybe this week we can all think of some way that we can go out of our way to help someone else.

Love you guys! Hope you have a great week! 

Elder Nelson


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