Monday, March 14, 2016


Thats really interesting about what brother liu said. I wonder if we will be ever be allowed into China..

Emma's engaged?? wow "nothing happens on your mission" said no one ever..

That's coool the missionaries got to share their testimonies in sacrament meeting..what are the elders in our ward like right now?
 X  got baptized!!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wahooooooooo. haha it was a really great service, i tried to attach some pics. We started out the night going and getting burritos together at this nearby mexican restaurant then headed over to the church and got stuff ready. A couple of sisters who had helped us in lessons shared their testimonies, then there was the actual baptism, then afterwards he bore his testimony about the blessings of commandment keeping. He told us afterwords that when he was in the water he had this overwhelming feeling of still and peace. We encouraged him to write down his feelings so that he could remember for the future. He is so stronggggg, a total bro. Everyone in the ward loves him and is inviting him over for dinner and stuff. He also has beautiful hair. Also random fact, he likes playing the piano. He'll like memorize how to play the songs and he knows a lot of sweet classics. He came to the single FHE activity just to jam away for a few minutes. We walked in on him playing "The River flows in you" Might pick it back up from him ;) It was hilarious, that night we got a call from the sisters. They were like what's your favorite hymn? My comp said All Creatures of our God and King. They proceeded to belt out "baptism" to the tune of All Creatures of our God and King. haha i was like only on the mission... 

 Y is looking to get baptized this Saturday... we''ll have really good moments in lessons, like this week when we were talking with him about Enduring to the End, he was like if someone decided to be baptized, why would they ever decide to leave the church? And i was like lol good question man. And when we told him about helping him get baptized on the 26th or something he was like that far away?? Cant we do it any sooner??? And i asked him why he wanted to get baptized and he said so that he could have the influence of the holy ghost more in his life.

is still looking good to be baptized this weekend as well. His family went to korea this week so we haven't been in much contact with him. We've also met a couple of other really cool people in the past couple weeks. So we'll see where things go with them. 

This past week ive been sick with sore throat, congestion, headache, cough stuff then this morning i was feeling pretty dizzy. Ibuprofen has been magic though in helping me get through the day haha

In the adventures of food this week we made mommy's homemade bread into a cakeish form for dad's bday, and put a candle on top. I blew it out in honor of senor. Happy 65th! Im lucky to have such an awesome dad! Glad you're getting to celebrate it for a couple days. Ithink you can now officially get ALL of the senior discounts haha.We also made homemade dumplings from scratch this week! They actually turned out pretty good, it was fun but afterwards our kitchen was an absolute mess. We also made these oatmeal cookies.

My companion got a package sent to him this last week with an AMERICAN FOOTBALL in it, so last monday that's what we did for P-day. It was so much fun, i miss playing sports with the bros. A lot of people here would rather do other stuff than play sports

This week I went ahead and reread "Through God's Eyes" by the new apostle. I feel like the talk is like meant just for us missionaries. The key to being happy/successful in the work really is to see the people that we're working with through God's eyes, with the eyes of a loving parent. If that's how we see them, we will do everything that we can to help them. I also reread Preident Uchtorf's talk where he tells the story about Great Aunt Rose. I really liked how he quoted Emily Dickinson's "Forever is composed of nows" or something like that. We need to take advantage of every moment to be happy, to help other people, and to better know our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that he lives! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve Him more fully for 2 years!

I love you guys and hope you have an awesome week!

Love, Elder Nelson 


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