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Easter SundayMarch 27, 2016


Sorry to hear you guys got sick! That really stinks, especially around easter. Speaking of Easter, guess what we did for Easter??? Absolutely nothing. I reminded myself about 5 times throughout the day that even though no one was acting like it was Easter, it was in fact Easter. Like even the members don't celebrate it here. But, for our English class this week we're going to be doing an Easter party where they can learn about some of the culture around Easter as well as the meaning behind it. 

In our cooking adventures this week, we made a lasagna (lncluding homemade noodles because you can't find lasagna noodles anywhere over here), sweet potatoe bread, perfected corn bread, apple bread (from homemade apple sauce), and 抓餅, a green onion tortilla type thing that a lot of people will eat for breakfast here. 

On Saturday this week we had a really cool opportunity to go up to the temple with (Brother H) so that he could receive his own endowment. He's the guy who's in a wheelchair, and we were asked to go up to help him (as you can imagine there are some difficulties with that). It was cool because we got to take the high speed rail up to 台北 (Taipei). It gets you all the way up from 高雄 (Gao xiong) up to 台北 in like an hour and a half. It was also a neat experience because it was my first time hearing the endowment in chinese. They showed the video from the 80s which is also the first time i'd seen that video. I could actually understand almost all of it, it was just a lot harder at the veil haha because getting everything word for words is hard enough in english! It was cool though i had a really spiritual experience afterwards in the celestial room, kinda like Heavenly Father was telling me "Keep going, you're doing the right thing." 

So are two recent converts, brother L and D are both doing well.  X did not come to church again this Sunday because apparently he had bad allergies. Like he told us that he woke up at 8:30 but then he fell back asleep because he wasn't feeling well. He's also going to be switching jobs soon because he had a really bad experience at work (boss hit him and stuff). He told us he wants to switch over to a job where he works nights and sleeps during the day because it's a higher paying job. So, he said he's trying to start to get his body used to that kind of schedule. And because of that he doesn't know if he's going to be able to come to church. Was there anything else that we could/can do to help him? Right now kind of at a loss. He had such a strong desire for baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost but ugh i just don't know. Pray for him!

Brother F  is also confusing us recently. He told us that he can't for sure say right now that he believes in God but he believes that there's something up there in that space above the earth, like a higher power. He has finished the Book of Mormon but he's told us that he believes praying will not have any affect on him being able to understand the truths of these things. Just read and go to church are good enough he says.

Besides that, right now we don't have a ton of investigators/people to teach. We are going to be doing a lot of finding this week. This week we also went over and helped this investigator (who has no interest in the gospel - in the past was baptized into the Jehovah's witnesses church) cut down the beams from his roof, so he could put new ones in (sounds less sketchy than it actually was). 

As far as a spiritual thought this week, i guess i just want to bear my testimony about the Savior's Atonement and Resurrection, seeing as it is Easter Weekend. Because Jesus Christ died for us and resurrected 3 days later, every person who comes to earth will all live again. I know this is true and am so grateful for what this knowledge has brought to me and our family.

Thank you guys for all of the love and support! Hope y'all have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson

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