Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016 Leap Year!!!


Ahhh sorry not a lot of time im bad at thiss.

Mommy - our ward mission leader cuts our hair! Thats what he does for a living 

Sooooooooooooooo this week wassssss another good one in 圓山. Our investigators are doing well. J had his baptismal interview this last Saturday and he passed! He's looking good for this Saturday. We were really worried about sharing the law of tithing with him because a lot of his goals in life right now have to do with getting himself financially stable for the next phase of his life (i.e. paying off his car, looking to get himself a place to live etc). And at first, when we shared it with him he was like wow that is a lot of money.But then , actually just recently Phil shared a little tithing miracle with me that he had had and i felt prompted to share it with him. then we shared a scripture from 3 Nephi 24 about the windows of heaven. He was like "ok no problems." His faith is so STRONG it's amazing. When we told him about the word of wisdom he was like yeah because i wake up at 4 i have to drink a cup of coffee a lot of times but no problem i'll stop. I'll just eat some more vitamins. So keep him in your prayers as he prepares for baptism this Saturday! 

W has a goal to get baptized on the 12th but we may have to move it because he can't meet with us that often because of his stressful work and stuff. He's hilarious though, he loves basketball so we balled with him for a little this last saturday. He's always telling me the latest on the NBA/teaching me basketball terms in chinese.

DX (the little kid) is still looking good for the 19th. Hes a cool little kid. 

Brother F keeps plowing through the Book of Mormon. He was in Taipei this week so we didn't get to see him but he said that he plans on having finished the Book of Mormon by the time he gets back.

Me and my companion have decided to start componderizing (contemplate/ponder/memorize) ? together (if you can combine 2 words why not 3?) - 2 Nephi 2:8 "Wherefore how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah, who layeth down his life according to the flesh, and taketh it again by the power of the spirit that he may bring to pass the resurrection of the dead, being the first that should rise." Go share the good news! :)

I love guys a ton hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Nelson

P.S. I almost forgot this week i tried 魚蛋 for the first time which is where the fish has like eggs inside it and then they just cook the whole thing. I refer to it as pregnant fish. It was quite interesting. 

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