Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 Power Week of Chinese New Year


I would love for you to come be a fly on the wall over here mommy :)

Sounds like you guys had a fun sacrament meeting. And smeag's more brave than any of us! He's gonna be a baller missionary, i never went up andshared my testimony like at all before my mission.

I'll be staying in the same area. I feel like it's finally an area where i can really get to know the members and the area well. As far as my companion..he's a super interesting guy. We don't have identical personalities but i feel like our personalities work well together. He just hit his year mark last week but we were still feeling kinda sick so we didn't celebrate or anything haha.

That's superfun that you got to see Wei Ren's family. Sounds like they've been doing well.

lol'ing on this end at how the girls still do pinewood derby overthere. Only in Texas.

so is mom actually gonna make it up to see the grandkids?

Jared's going to mexico whatttttt hahaha good thing they clarified spanish speaking. There might have been some confusion there.

you pumped to hit up the district senor?

85 people died in that cold streak?? Thats crazy. It was cold where we were but not that bad. Geez thats pretty scary

Ummm desserts dont really exist in Taiwan - you could buy some fruit and call it taiwanese  haha jk one thing that they'll eat for a dessert here is like a green bean soup. Like not actual green beans but like small beans that are green, which i think is essentially just beans water and brown sugar or something like that. I have a dumpling recipe if you want to try that. 

So yeah this week is what is called "power week." Basically, during the chinese new year like absolutely no missionary work gets done so they came up with this idea for having power week after the holiday to get everyone pumped up about missionary work again. They cut the studies down to a half hour of personal study (lame), a half hour of comp study, no language study at all, and we have to eat our meals on the run instead of having a set time to sit down and eat food. On top of that, every day has a goal that we try to hit and if we hit the goal then we call the mission pres at night and say "Mission acomplished." Only on a mission....but yeah the goals were stuff like set up 10 adds for later in the week, hand out 15 book of mormons and get the people who you gave the Bom's to contact info, confirm 15 people for church, crazy stuff like thatt. It was great and all, but i dont think i'll be complaining too much when we have full studies and full time to eat food. 

Our investigators right now are doing well. J is still working toward a baptismal goal for the 5th of March. It's really hard to tell how W is doing, .  he'll randomly be like "I love coming to church" and we're like yay.  DX  is looking good to be baptized on the 19th of March. And brother Feng continues to pound through the Book of Mormon. He's almost finished with alma and he's only had the book for a month or two. Besides that not much exciting happened this week...and by that i mean a ton of exciting stuff happened but i forgot it all :O

So yeah in personal study this week i came across Psalms 19:12 - "Who can understand his errors? Cleanse thou me from secret faults." I think this is so true - we may think we're doing everything really well, but God will help us see our faults, where we can improve, and then through the Atonement of Christ overcome them.

Love you guys and hope you have an awesome week!!

Elder Nelson


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