Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 1, 2016


How was this week?

Ahhh senor you evil minstrel! you should have known! Im really surprised it got there that fast, normally it takes 2 months not 2 weeks. Oh well, happy early bday ;)

If you start learning Chinese senor, we could converse when I got back AND you could go serve a mission with mom in Taiwan later. :)

Wow thats kinda lame. found Phil's car like 2 days too late. So how does that work now then?

Hows the chapter coming?

That zika thing sounds sketchy, is it pretty serious? 

You're having the missionaries over for dinner? BLESS YOU. haha you only realize how awesome that is once you're out here i guess. what are you gonna make? I think im gonna take the missionaries out all the time when i get back. Probably to taco bell though bc ill have no money.

Does Annie really think she can quit her job and come down here full time? 
Sounds like you're staying busy mommy

I did use a blanket when it got pretty cold for those couple days. I even whipped out the winter jammy's. Weather is back up to Usual taiwanese winter, a nice cool temp outside although on Saturday i was sweating profusely in the afternoon.

My comp is a nice guy. He's one of those guys who's big into internet type stuff like games, and other random stuff online. He's also not a big fan of contacting people on the streets so we're trying to find ways where he can have faith in the work as well. Luckily, we share a passion for cooking ;).

Anyways so this week lets seeeee. 

Our cooking adventures continued. Some highlights from the week: perfecting the homemade tortilla and making burritos out of them, homemade pizza (we literally smashed tomatoes, reduced them to paste and added spices as well as making our own crust), taro smoothie (also added fruits, milk and yogurt, and banana bread (we kind of cheated on this one - got a recipe from someone else). Some of the stuff has to be adjusted because we just have a tiny toaster oven to work with haha. Also if you were to send me some recipes mommy like your homemade bread, how you make noodles, other good stuff, i would not be opposed ;)

This upcoming Sunday is the New Year's eve for Chinese new year's. Apparently it's absolutely crazy here and you get absolutely no missionary work done. They have a list outside of the bishop's office to cooridnate when people are going to have us over for food because everyone wants the missionaries over for food haha. Its nuts. Also for your bit of culture, last night as we were biking home they had the street almost entirely blocked off shooting off fireworks, with a bunch of college aged kids doing some kind of yell/chant with painted faces and stuff (think mulan with the dragon suit thing). Not sure if starting to celebrate early or what. 

I cant remember if i told you about James? His Chinese name is 林學儒. He's a super bro, super big into swimming which is strange for a Taiwanese. He was a former investigator. We called and set him up and we've met with him a few times. It seems like he has a lot more desire now than he did previously to progress towards baptism. After we shared the Plan of Salvation with him all he said was "wow." He told us he wants to go to 高榮國度 (the Celestial Kingdom). Only concern with him right now is that he works almost every Sunday and that is when business is best so send prayers his way that he will be able to not have to work on Sunday.

In terms of 馮順天, his wife and daughter got baptized this week which was super exciting. He often has to go back and forth between 高雄 (where we are) and 台北 (Taipei - up north). So last week we weren't in contact with him hardly at all. He came to church on Sunday though and continues to read the Book of Mormon. He is a genuine seeker of truth, which to be honest is pretty rare. so pray that he will be able to recognize the answer that he has already received!

And then we're working with a part member family where the wife is a little more less active and the son isn't baptized. We're trying to get the son baptized. He's a goofy, funny little kid who likes usual stuff that kids like (playing video games, wrestling with his brother, food etc). He has a testimony, I know he does, hes just a goofball haha.

I think i told you that a couple weeks ago we had that worldwide missionary broadcast. One thing that one of the speakers said was to always have Christ's name on our lips and always be ready to testify of Him and His Atonement. I think this is awesome advice for us as missionaries and for everyone back home. If we always have Him in our thoughts, we will be able to easily see opporunities to share Him with others.

I love you guys so much and hope you have an awesome week!

Elder Nelson


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