Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 4, 2015 New Companion


Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! Did y'all actually stay up this year? Or were you like me and went to bed at 10:30? haha

Brother Williamsssssss how are they doing? Holland's probably huge now right? What did his dad say about their mission in Indonesia? Speaking of mission presidents, they told us who our new mission president is going to be. His name is Teh, apparently he's a member of the 70 or something right now. He'll be coming on board in July i believe.

Yup Elder June is gone. My new companion's name is Elder Weatherford. we get along well. He's a very interesting guy - i.e. has this theory about how the universe began from a black hole when space turned itself inside out, wants to grow plants in our apartment, etc. He just came down from Tai zhong so thats cool. Excited to find some really cool people who are ready to hear the gospel with him.

Talking to a lot of scooter people? Is that even a question? haha we talk to so many people on scooters every day. "Hello! How are you? Have you ever heard of Jesus Christ before? Well guess what i have a message that can change your life. Do you have a minute to go to the side of the road?" Then they zoom off..

Oh there's a picture of me on the blog? Yeah thats probably brother huang. I sent some pics with him home. This last week taking him to church it was pouring rain so we got absolutely drenched. We were dripping up our apartment during studies haha.

hahahaha how did you guys get a straight up bird in the house? Thats hilarious i can just imagine senor making some comment about how he lives with animals.

Downton Abbey classic.

2 books a year, thats not bad all things considering. Hows the new John Grisham?

Time seriously is a weird thing...years really aren't that long. I blinked and im already serving a mission. Feels like just yesterday Phil was going off to Boise. 

Sounds like you got a decently busy schedule over the next couple weeks senor. Should be fun too though. you'll have to keep me updated.

Im pumped for this track season with smeag! You'll have to take some pics/videos for me.

Oooooh new cardio equipment at the Y, you'll have to check it out mommy ;) i feel like theyre always switching out equipment there but its never much better quality..

Yeah here its still pretty warm every day...

Chinese new years is in february, and apparently like when it comes you just cannot do any missionary work because everyone goes back to their homes where they grew up in the rural areas and eats lots of food. Kind of like our christmas.

Yeah i hope we can be doing more teaching and less finding as well. Right now we really only have like 2 people who we're consistenly meeting with, brother hong and brother lee. Brother hong's wife thinks we're just some foreigner church tho and thinks its kind of a waste of time while he really likes it and thinks it will be good for his kids. Soo thats a problem. And then brother lee we have really great lessons and hes like super great then we dont hear from him for two weeks. So yeah. We have a lot of cool potential investigators right now but they're all super busy like all the time.

Oh also my companion said he would be willing to start eating inside so we may be trying to do a little cooking inside. If you have any good recipe ideas let me know ;)

This week in personal study I really liked D&C 108:7-8. I kind of think of it as my mission motto, or at least one of then. We have to do our very best to strengthen others and in turn God will strengthen us.

I love and miss you guys a ton! I hope you have a great week and an awesome new year!!

Elder Nelson


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