Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 Week 36


How are you guys this week??

Woowwwwwwww the ward is splitting, crazy. The work goes on in The Woodlands as well..

lol@the girl who asked if she had to buythe book in your class.

Thats pretty sweet that phil and mish found that antique book shop. Kinda fun.

Whats the plan for smeagol next summer?

lol i wish you guys could see how the elections work here. they drive around these huge cars with a bunch of scooters following behind. These cars have these huge megaphones attached yelling out a bunch of stuff. and they have these big pictures of the people's faces. Sometimes there are people on top of the car waving at you (picture princess diaries where theyre trying to teach princess mia how to wave). Some even stop for a little and blow off these fireworks. It's just a little different from how campaigning works in the US haha. But yeah all i know is Taiwan has a new president and her name is "English Cai" haha hadnt heard anything about threats from China or anything..

Whats the verdict on bro attaya?

Howd the potluck go momy?

Fun chance to see the gparents..

This week was a good one. Like i said in previous emails, we've been doing a lot of cooking inside recently and im not gonna lie ive been pretty proud of some of our creations. Among the best ones are omelettes, this chicken that we marinated in this salsa sauce we created, honey chicken, tortillas, bread, among others. Pretty soon we'll be learning authentic taiwanese stuff as well.

Its been raining a lot here recently, which means ive just been getting soaked because ive been too lazy to wear rain gear ( i forgot my rain gear in my last area). 

There were some super cool miracles this week. Like i said last week, the sister zhang who i baptized in my last area's mom got baptized this last week AND this week i found out that her sister has now also been investigating the church and set a baptismal goal with the elders there. If that isn't cool enough, she was talking about the church with her cousin, who lives in the neighboring area to ours and he has interest in the gospel as well!  We also met a cool former investigator this week named James who seems super willing to learn and progress toward baptism. and met a really cool family who we will be meeting with this saturday. The dad's english name is javalosky lol. Oh and theres a family in our ward who's son  (almost 12) has not been baptized and the dad wants us to start teaching him and helping him to prepare for baptism so maybe we'll start seeing more people that we can teach?

Oh also random hilarious story. We were on the way home from visiting this investigator and this guy on a scooter just looks at us and starts yelling "Come to my house!" And at first we thought he was semi normal but as we began to follow him he continued to look over his shoulder every so often like a mad man yelling "come to my house!" we soon realized that he was crazy. So we come to outside his apartment and hes like "Come to my house!" and we tell him sorry we have to go somewhere else and at this point the guy is like shaking and very possibly on some kind of drug. So we start to bike away and we get to a red light and then out of nowhere this guy pops up and starts yelling "come to  my house!" again. So we had to try to lose him haha it was an interesting night.

In personal study this week i really was struck by Job 36:24-25 "Remember that thou magnify his work, which men behold.Every man may see it; man may behold it afar off." As we follow the commandments of God and become true followers of Jesus Christ people notice and want to have the same happiness that we enjoy.

I love you guys so much and hope you have an awesome week!!!11

Elder Nelson


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