Monday, January 25, 2016


How was this week????

Smeag updated me on the ward split and said that the only notable thing was that steve is back in the ward lol. anything else interesting on that front?

Boss about the 9th planet. What are they calling it? Do they know anything about its properties?

Wow. Once again backups come in handy. Why do I feel like that happens so much to you senor? oh also random but did you like any of the songs that the people sent in for ethics that you hadnt heard before?

Are primaries happening already? and you know all the election stuff just doesnt seem as important when youre out here on a mission, not sure why..

Made a new creation where i wrapped chicken,spinach, tomato and broccoli in a wrap made out of egg  ( a thing that they do here with fried rice in the middle). I tried to send a picture of the creation.

Yes i celebrated MLK day by writing on my planner that it was MLK day haha

The smog will probably give me cancer some day but thats okay.

sounds like the potluck was a success mommy!

I cant believe paul is a deacon...thats just not right!

Also cant believe the stuff with amy...

you guys have to take videos of smeag running for me this year!

Hmmm so lets try and think of some random interesting stuff from this week. It randomly got super cold here. And by super cold i mean like 40s/50s and light rain. Mommy you'll be happy to know that i took advantage of the opportunity and wore my sweater vest for the first time to church on Sunday. The Taiwanese (especially Gao xiong people) are super hilarious about the cold. Like they act like they can't leave the house all day because they don't dare and then they have these humongous jackets when the weather drops below 60 degrees.

This week there was also a special broadcast done by some general authorities to missionaries over the entire world, which was super cool. all of the missionaries here in gao xiong met up at a chapel and watched it. I feel like i was able to get a lot of really needed revelation from it. Super sweet opportunity to be able to hear from inspired men.

We were also going to visit former investigators this week when we ran into a brother X. It was super sad. When we went up his narrow staircase we came upon him literally laying in a pile of trash. He told us that he had this sickness where he couldnt stand or walk so we have no idea how long he had been laying there before we came upon him. No idea if he has any interest in the gospel but we're going to try to go back soon and help him clean up a little bit.

We're working with a less active member right now named Y. ...and then he tells us that hes not even sure if the Book of Mormon is God's word. I feel like he's letting  events of the past get in the way of his testimony which is super sad.

We started teaching this 11 year old kid named DX who has family  members but he himself has not been baptized yet. And since he's already 8 he needs to be treated like any other investigator so we've been sharing the lessons with him.

We're also still meeting with Brother F,  He is the husband of the sisters' investigator who will be getting baptized this Sunday. I really respect him a lot, because he doesnt want to just blindly get baptized or anything. He wants to obtain an answer for himself about where the truth is. We've been talking a lot about receiving spiritual answers, what that's like, what he has to do to receive them, etc. Hes into 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon . alsso he loves the Liahona. Read half the magazine of the general conference issue the first night he got it. Hes told us that he has received revelation from the book of mormon and he comes to church when he can. One of the strangest things though is that he at first wasnt willing to pray. Like he felt like he wanted to understand the book of mormon better and he felt like he could receive an answer without prayer. Anyways hes awesome and a genuine seeker of truth. When he receives his answer its going to be super cool.

I came upon a famous scripture in personal study this week, 2nd Nephi 2:25 "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they may have joy." One of God's biggest hopes and purposes for us is to be happy in this life. When we are going through hard times we can remember that we have a loving Father in Heaven who is looking out for us and will help us to be able to be happy, as long as we follow His plan.

But yeah. That was pretty much the week. I love and miss you guys a ton!


Elder Nelson

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