Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015 Week 30 - Put up 8" Christmas Tree and String of Lights


How is life in Texas????????????????????????

Wow im pretty amazed that you got that chapter finished in time senor thats quite impressive. Sounds like your schedule is gonna be packed for the rest of the year and on into the next. Hopefully you can squeeze in a high school christmas concert.

Poor mommyy, did anyone make some chicken noodle soup for you?

Sounds like smeagol is kind of vicariously experiencing a really sad thing right now. I still remember when i was in high school and someone committed suicide from our school. Everyone was schocked like you never think it will happen to those who are closest to you.

"Would love to hear more about your daily activities, the local flavors of life, companion, language, etc." hmmmm....So the past couple of weeks we've been doing a LOT of finding. A lot of that is spent biking around the city, talking to people at stop lights, giving them a small tract and praying they have one minute to go to the side of the road so we can bear testimony about a gospel principle and set up another time to meet with them. There are often also people just sitting on their scooters waiting for friends or food or whatever so we'll try to talk with them as well. Im definitely going to get lung cancer while im out here ive decided. A lot of times we'll try to ride around to neighborhood family marts and 7s (there are a lot) and sit down with someone whos sitting outside at one of the tables. And odds are theyre smoking. So while trying not to breathe in the smoke too heavily we tell them about how Jesus Christ can help their lives :) This week i got cursed at for the first time and was also called devil church for the first time. thought it would have happened sooner really haha.

My companion and i actually get along really well right now. Im super lucky. It makes a big difference when you can just kinda talk as friends while youre going about doing the work. 

As far as language, Ive come to the realization that if you go chinese speaking, even after 2 years youre not going to be 100% fluent in the language. Right now im focusing a lot on trying to memorize the characters in the Book of Mormon. I think between the BOM, D&C and the POGP there are something like 2530 characters. Im through about 1000 but the problem is a lot of them are very similar haha.

hahahahahahaha laughed out loud at the image of mom poking angrily at her new smart phone.

Loved the insights from conference mommy! Its amazing how the spirit can touch our hearts in different ways everytime we read tehm.

Ishi, sounds interesting. Almost done?

Ahhh so good to hear from you guys. I feel like your guys lives are so much more interesting than mine haha. Lets seeee on this endd ummm oh so this week we bought a 99 kuai (about 3 dollar) christmas tree that is about 8 inches tall. We also bought a short strand of lights for a few bucks so downstairs we have a little christmas altar. The tree came with some plastic ornaments you could put up yourself so we spent one night decorating while listening to christmas music haha. Taiwan's just lacking that feel of christmas in the air like the states. Btw have you guys gotten the package i sent yet?

We had Zone training meeting this week so that was goood. I really liked the message that they shared about just doing your best and not comparing yourself to others. I feel like especially on the mission, a lot of people get caught up in things and find it difficult to remember their true purpose as missionaries, to bring others to Christ, not to get x number of people at church to impress the mission president. 

This week the celebration of thanksgiving finally came to a close with our 5th thanksgiving dinner. The senior couple whos serving close to our area had us over for costco chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing, salad, fruit, rolls, this carrot salad thing, gravy and pie (banana cream, chocolate, rasberry and pecan). Funny, i thought i wasnt even going to get ONE thanksgiving dinner this year haha.

This week i was studying the story of Korihor in Alma 30 and i was reminded of a part that ive always liked in it. When Korihor's asking for a sign of God's existence, Alma essentially tells him "Thou hast had signs enough." I think thats so true for us as well. We've had so many spiritual experiences, so many things that confirm to us the existence of God and His love for us we just have to recognize them. I think thats kinda our responsibility as missionaries, to help people recognize God's hand in their lives.

Anyways, i love you guys so much and hope you have an awesome week!!!

Elder Nelson


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