Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 22, 2015 Christmas Week


sorry i dont have a ton of time to writeeeee but ill be seeing you in like 5 days so wahoooooooo.

I sent Amy's package to her address so not sure if she got it?? It had her gift with phil and mish's stuff in it as well.

that was probably my comp in the pics but i dont remember what i sent sooo haha sorry

We havent stoppped using the ac all year so welcome to the club...it will be a sweaty christmas.

hahaha i lol'ed at your moses and abraham comment senor.

Still cant believe that happened to phil.....so sweet about smeag killing it on the grades tho! such a stud

YES you must get a fam pic and send it to me!

So cool you guys could do the ksbj thing...there are a lot of people out there that need a lot of help.

So those pics i just sent our part of me and my companion's 12 days of christmas. haha we're finding christmas trees all over our area and taking pics in front of them for every day of the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Sometimes random friends/strangers make it into the pic as well. Also, remember that nativity thing that we did? Well we decided to do the our best impersonation of it. Sooo for some members and investigators every day we sneak a little note with a little ornament and some candy or something into their mailbox for each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Hilarious because the members were talking about it at church and they were like "Theres NO WAY the elders did it, its probably the sisters" hehehe

Btw the temperature is still where we can wear short sleeves every day no problem. And still sweat sooo.

We'll be shooting for 10 am on the day after christmasmy time or 8 pm on christmas day your time. Are you sure just a phone number will work? do you guys have a skype name?

Also random note on Sunday we got to watch the christmas devotional and i saw that french horner guy from our ward playing! I didnt know he got a job in SLC..

So every week we meet with a guy named Brother Huang who is debilitated to the point where he cant walk and his arms and hands are distorted. I think i wrote about him last week. Well anyways he hadnt been able to come to church because of his disability and they dont have a car so this week we decided we would find a way to get him to church every week. So we carried him down 5 flights of stairs from his apartment in his wheelchair, got a member with a big van to take him there, then brought him up the stairs of the church (the elevator was broken in the church and they dont have one where he lives). So he got to come to church! Hopefully we'll be able to continue to get him there every week.

Also this Sunday was super special because we got to see the splitting of the stakes in gaoxiong to become 3 instead of 2, making 16 for Taiwan now. We are now in the ping dong stake. Apparently our goal is to have 20 by the end of next year. The work moves on...

I really liked Elder Christofferson's message in the December 2015 Liahona about Christmas. We all need to take a little bit of time out this christmas season to feel of the peace and warmth that comes from the reassurance of the Atonement that came from the birth of that marvelous child, Jesus Christ!

I love you guys and hope you have an awesome Christmas! Will be seeing you soon...

Elder Nelson



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