Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015 Christmas in Taiwan and New Stateside Companion


How are you guys? 

haha Sounds like Texas weather is up to its usual bipolar self. At least Taiwan is consistently hot.

What on earth phil's car got stolen?? Man im so naive i thought that stuff only happened in shows like Numbers. When will he have a new one? have they found his old one ditched somewhere nearby?

What kind of changes did they want you to make for your chapter? Are you sure its not 8 1/2 years left senor? ;)

ACT RIP Smeagol.

Ahhh Nursery those days were the bestt. 

Sounds like the christmas choir concert was fun. Super sad about that girl though. Hope her family's finding some way to keep putting one step in front of the other.

Excited for your dallas trip senor?

Trump's not actually getting support is he? When are primaries again? 

I still sound like a fool when I try to speak chinese haha. The food in this area is actually pretty good for the price. They have a couple interesting places (like a place that sells burritos, italian noodles etc) I normally eat oatmeal and a banana for bfast, maybe some sandwiches for lunch then find something cheap outside for dinner. The companion is good, luckily we get along pretty well which makes a big difference, as im sure you know. The ward is awesome, they're super good to us.

Wow even the elders in Taiwan have their christmas tree up before you guys! Have y'all turned into scrooges?

Sounds like youre reading some interesting stuff in the scrips mommy, super cool.

How did the concert go for the stake??????

So this is what president said about christmas calls:

Christmas calls are almost here! Please note the following guidelines: 
•You are allowed to call or ‘Skype’ anytime on either December 25 or 26. If your family requests another date, please obtain permission from me. Please determine the best time in advance.
•Your calls should not exceed 45 minutes. If your parents are divorced or separated, you may talk with each parent for 30 minutes. 
•Please do not call anyone other than your parents unless you have obtained permission from me. 
•You are allowed to use member’s computers in their homes in order to Skype. Do not linger on computers to play games or look at inappropriate things. Remember that members are always watching you to see if you are PMG missionaries. Please do not let them down! 
•In all that you do and say, seek to uplift your family and bear witness of the Savior. Let them see the ways in which your mission experience has changed you.

Soo yeah we'll probably be calling on the 26th over here in the morning which will be christmas night for you guys. that way you guys dont have to wake up at an incredibly early time. I probably need to know what your guys skype addresses are btw....we'll hopefully be going to a member's house to make the call. Have yall gotten the christmas present that i sent you yet????

This week we had a couple cool experiences. We were trying to get in contact with a few less active members this week and went to visit a brother C that we had never met before. He didnt answer when we rang his door bell but i had a prompting that we should go ahead and call him instead of heading home like we were originally planning to do. Turns out he was home and had us up to visit with him. He has a super strong testimony, he was just stressed out with his calling and felt like every time he went to church it was like going to work BUT luckily we've been able to quickly develop a really good relationship with him and he's super awesome! He has this disease where its harder for him to walk around and eat and do basic things.

Second, this random guy from the states named Larry self contacted us when we were biking on the street. He just wanted to know more about the book of mormon and Joseph Smith and stuff so we sat down with him and discussed for a little. When he asked us how we knew the Book of Mormon was true I told him that i had read and prayed about it and bore my testimony of how it could help him and my companion did the same. Then he laughed and said we sounded scripted. It was like a slap in the face. I was being genuine and he straight up just laughed at us. Made me think about all the poor elders in the states...haha

We also brought the sacrament to this lady in the psych ward of a nearby hospital this Sunday. It was my first time blessing the sacrament in chinese in Taiwan so that was an interesting experience.

This week we also had our mission christmas activity, where the whole mission gets together for a day and parties it up. We went to a place called Sun Moon Lake. Its a super beautiful lake in the middle of Taiwan. Then we went to a buffett and had achristmas devotional. It was super fun but we got back super late so still recovering a little on the sleep end haha. It was so fun to see all of the people that had come on island with me and where they were at now and how they were doing. Eating unlimited steak was good too. :)

In personal study this week i was reading in D&C and came across D&C 98:40. I feel like a lot of times its hard to forgive others but until we do the spirit can't be with us. (that includes forgiving ourselves btw)

anyways i love and miss you guys a ton! Hope you have a great week!!

Elder Nelson  倪長老

                                                   Christmas Tree in Apartment



Sun Moon Lake

                                                                                                                                                                                        Eating with Brother C

New Companion

                                                                                            Friends in Taiwan

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