Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Work Continues in Gio Xiong


Sounds like you guys had a really cool broadcast. Cool opportunity to hear from an apostle. 

Also congrats on the Altimaaa! haha i should have known that you guys would revert to the old classic. Hopefully it will be able to last the hamster a good little bit. Geez she's so olld. Was it super expensive?

To be honest i had no idea that the leaders of china and taiwan were meeting...we dont see a lot of the media here unless theres a tv on in a restaurant or something.

haha just give them all A's Senor, youre guaranteed to get a pay raise.

So what is that chapter youre writing about even on? Also is the med school thing getting trashed just because that one guy left or??

Smeag's such a studd. Shouldnt track be starting up within the next couple months as well? Glad to hear the hamster and phillus are doing at least ok enough.

Wow what a party at the outback! Crazy to think that your mom would be 100 years old now pops. Strangely enough, i still remember that funeral/time in general.

The Surfside party sounds like it will be super fun as well, just about everyone's gonna make it down. Im sure smeagol will enjoy some alone party time.

We actually haven't had like any rain here since ive gotten here..Its definitely still very warm though. Apparently the winters in gao xiong are pretty nice but the summers are absolutely deathly hot. So im probably lucky

Yeah apparently christmas here is just like any other day. Like even for us missionaries, besides talking to the family we're just out on the streets continuing to preach the gospel. Also you're definitely not allowed to talk about all of the delicious foods that you guys will be eating for Thanksgiving (also doesnt exist in Taiwan).

haha i didnt know you were a muppets fan senor..

Yay taxesssss

Are the flowers still surviving mommy? haha not gonna lie kinda laughed to myself hearing you talk about running back and forth to lowe's. I can see it oh so clearly.

Is the book youre reading one of those historical fiction ones mommy?

D&C 84:88 is an awesome scripture. You guys probably know how often we have to rely on that promise as missionaries.

So in terms of random things that happened this week...We had some exterminators come by our apartment and spray some stuff and my goodness it was disgusting. After they left, our kitchen floor was literally layered in hundreds of dead cockroaches. Senor probably would have passed out. Butt now we dont have as many crawling through our dishes so  thats nice haha. 

Also funny story: So we were biking home one day and saw this booth thing on the side of the road selling Taiwanese peanuts. She let us try some then thrust this huge bag full of them at us wanting us to buy it for 200 kuai. We told her oh maybe next time but she just kept holding her hand out at us saying "Money, money" (in english) haha gotta love Taiwannnn

This Friday we had a special mission tour where the asia area president Elder Wong came and talked with us and told us how to be better missionaries, as well as President Blickenstaff and his wife. It was actually super good, all of the gao xiong missionaries were there so I got to see some old friends from previous zones/MTC days. We also got free lunch which was nice. Elder Wong was hilarious, he kept talking about how since he was a general authority he had special privileges.

So this week had some good and some bad in terms of investigators. Remember Richard? Well he's experiencing major opposition from both his mom (who doesnt want him to marry a mormon girl) and his other christian friends/church. He shot us a txt the other day and said he could keep coming to our church but that baptism was going to be impossible...:( we're meeting with him this Friday.

Zhang ai li on the other hand is incredible! She is literally just miracle upon miracle. For example, recently we taught her about the word of wisdom. She brought up the concern that she drinks coffee every day. She prayed to Heavenly Father to help her stop and the next day when she drank coffee she said it tasted disgusting to her. Shes actually reading the Book of Mormon with real intent and every night we call her for 30 or 40 minutes just helping her to understand what she's reading. everytime we meet with her i leave on a spiritual high and shes really helped my own testimony to grow as Ive realized what the principles in the Book of Mormon mean to me.

This week in the Book of Mormon I was reading the story of Abinadi. And i really like something that he tells the wicked priests. He's talking to them about the law of moses/commandments and then he says that "I perceive that they are not written in your hearts." How do we make the gospel written in our hearts? Maybe something y'all can ponderize this week :) 

Ahhhh I love and miss you guys so much! I hope you have a great week! Ill try to get some pics off today 

Elder Nelson


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