Monday, November 30, 2015

November 23, 2015 Week After Thanksgiving


How are things on that side of the world?

Sounds like Thanksgiving was super fun, even with the unorthodox method of making the stuffing. Not gonna lie, kinda jealous. For thanksgiving on this end we went to a buffet with all you can eat meat lol. Oh also the day before this white guy who lives in our area made this thanksgiving dinner for his students and held a party at the church and invited the missionaries so we got to eat thanksgiving food there too, with enough leftovers to eat the next night as well. A senior couple in our area is also having us over for a thanksgiving dinner this week so by the end of everything I'll probably have had 5 thanksgiving dinners haha.

Lol smeagol probably partied hard all week. Congrats on getting through that chapter senor, that must have been a pain. Are you gonna send it to me? ;)

Did you like Brooklyn?

So crazy that Hales is taking that job in Philadelphia. Thats gotta be so stressful and exciting and nervewracking and awesome at the same time. IT will be weird with hamstr and her being separated..

Wowww senor you are busyyyy, 2 patients a day during your BREAK? 

That must have been fun to see David and Renny as well. Arijit didnt come back did he? Super nice of Mrs Gan as well to send that basket...

haha its actually funny senor i was thinking this week, ya know i would love to go to the TWHS choir concert with pops right about now. If im ever back in time again i will be your loyal comrade.

That article on the theory of relativity sounds BOSS. Still so crazy to think that all of that stuff in Paris really happened. You said if only people could see the pattern in the BOM...every day i tell myself the same thing - if only people could see how beautiful this gospel is! 

That was super cool about how the general authorities got their testimonies mommy! They're just like us, gotta start somewhere.

Mommy you're always reading the most interesting books haha did you like this last one? And yes i got the christmas package! It is currently being hidden underneath our stairs.

Soo yeah im in my new area now, yuan shan. Im also the English Leader now which is obnoxious because it means i pretty much have to plan the english party all by myself. Its super fun though because one of the sisters from my MTC district is in my district here so we've been able to catch up and see what we've been up to these past few months. The ward here is super cool, i was able to meet a lot of them on Sunday and luckily already been able to establish good relationships with a lot of them. 

This Friday was particularly special because Elder Stevenson, of the quorum of the twelve apostles came to visit our mission :O His son was released off of his mission last week, so their
family came over to pick him up and decided they might as well come and give us some counsel/advice or whatever. We all shook his hand as we were going into the chapel. Im not gonna lie, i was pretty dang tired while he was talking but I really liked how real he was. Like he said something along the lines of "If i wake upat 6 30 i dont get blessings, i just get tired" and then when he was flipping to find a scripture he was like "D&C 42...or is it 46?" Everything he said was really good and inspired me but the most memorable part was when he bore his testimony at the end, specifically about Jesus Christ. The spirit filled the room and everyone was just like man, this guy must be an apostle or something.

I was reading in Job this week in the Old Testament and I particularly liked Job 5:17 "Behold happy is the man who God correcteth, therefore despise not thou the chastening of the almighty." It reminded me of a quote by Elder Bednar who said something along the lines of if we're not getting chastised by the spirit every night we probably want to reevaluate the sincerity of our prayers.The power of repentance is real and doesnt just have to be used for big transgressions. What lack i yet? :)
Anyways, i loveee you guys a ton and hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Nelson

Ni zhang lao

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