Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 Nese's B-Day


haha Senor you would be surprised how entertaining it is for me to hear about the weather report in Houston. I can picture the anemic fall so well. Although we dont really have a fall here either. Trick or treating/Halloween in general does not happen here. Poor kids dont know what they're missing out on. Oh and yeah daylight savings does not happen in Taiwan. Totally forgot that was even a thing.

Senor your schedule sounds crazy right now! Grant reviews, textbook chapter, med school. Think you'll everapply for another grant? ;) Think SHSU will get the med school?

Woahhh Amy's getting a car??? SO WEIRD. Its like shes a real adult or something. How much are you gonna have to pay for it? Isnt 90k miles a lot?

That pic of the city lights was from the roof of our apartment back in taizhong. Yeah that overcast feel is really just because theres so much pollution. I used to think it was foggy every morning but when my shirts started graying slowly i caught on haha. 

Glad to hear Tim is recovering. Excited for Lukas. And sounds like you really like the Stake President. He's a pretty nice guy, huh? 

Hows the family history work coming mommy?

Ohhh yeah my MTC teacher emailed me saying he'd met someone from Taiwan who knew me up at byu or something? small world

Right now we're working with some AWESOME investigators. Theres this one family, zhang jia ting who are so prepared its unbelievable. They were finally able to come to church this last sunday for the full three hours. Theres a grandma, a mom and her little girl. At the end, the primary children were practicing for the primary program and the mom broke out into tears. She told us if there was one word that she would tell her future self about the feelings she had at church that day it would be "believe." So cool. We were kinda worried because the gospel principles lesson was on temple work and some pretty deep stuff but she seemed to have a really good experience. Richard and zeng jie mei we're also still meeting with. (Richard is the drummer). They both have baptismal goals for a couple weeks down the road. I invited Richard to come visit us in Texas in a couple years btw so i hope you guys dont mind..I told him about my mom's cooking ;) We're also meeting with this 14 year old kid lin zi peng. He seems to really like church, but tbh i dont know if he really understands the importance of everything,  But yeah, a lot of exciting potential right now.

The food is pretty much the same. We're eating inside more which is kinda good. We also discovered a local japanese restaurant with sushi that we go to quite frequently. Yeah we're on the West coast of gao xiong, in a harbor place so theres a lot of businesses working on shipping and freight stuff. We're right by a lot with a bunch of those huge box things that go on the ships (think Batman Begins).

So in terms of interesting stuff that happened this week...Monday for pday we went to a place called monkey mountain. Its this small little mountain with beautiful foliage and TONS OF MONKEYS. If you have food they'll straight up come and steal your food haha. It was a constant struggle to try to snag a selfie with them. Im behind on pics but ill try to send a few off  bc it was super cool.

Tuesday night the bishop had us over for a dinner and it was amazing. There's a costco in our area, so the wife prepared the most delicious American costco dinner ever, complete with pizza pasta salad chicken etc. You'd be surprised how big a difference a good meal can make in your day haha.

Every day we meet so many interesting people contacting in the most random places. For example, on Thursday alone we met 1) A lady in a print shop who has two daughters studying Chemistry and was interested in coming to our english class 2) a guy from new jersey who had just barely retired and was circling the island for a couple weeks and said hed get in contact with missionaries there 3)Some guy who came up to us asking us to go visit someone in his company who has no friends and 4)a 17 year old kid named Raonchen, who lives right next to us, came and checked out the church, and played some songs for us on the piano, including "It's only just a dreammmmmm." But yeah i wish you guys could just watch a video of a day in the life haha.

Anyways, this week i was really struck by Luke 21:9 "In your patience, possess ye your souls." Idk i feel like those 7 words have a lot of meaning. I think that one of the biggest things that we're meant to learn on earth is patience. Patience is really hard and its something that I myself have not been the best with but i feel like a lot of the trials God gives us are to teach us patience and how to deal with hard things with a smile.

I love and miss you guys a ton and hope you have a great week!!! 

Elder Nelson

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