Monday, November 23, 2015

November 16, 2015 New Companion - E. Rock to Office


Wow sounds like a lot is happening at home both on the home front and abroad. That party for Annie's birthday will probably be super fun! 

But Senor geez you got a ton on your plate, what between patients, working on that chapter that you need to have finished by December 1st, temple trip, the med school thing, goodness. You seem to be a little overcomitted at the moment. I'll try to pray that you can survive these next couple weeks haha.

We actually haven't heard a single thing about the terrorist attacks on Paris. What happened?? And a russian passenger jet? and a suicide bomber? What is going on in the world?

haha running the race with patience is an every day battle but im starting to find my speed i think/hope.

cant believe amy actually has a car now..its like shes about to graduate college or something :O

Yes me and Garrett celebrated together this last week as it was my half birthday :) Will Renny be spending any time with you guys over the thanksgiving break?

I think they have a childrens program over here but i havent seen one yet..

They do already baked turkeys at kroger? how really curious how thanksgiving is going to turn out on this end. Maybe ill eat some extra noodles or something haha.

Glad the brakes turned out okay. I feel like those things are always going out. Also good to hear Sister Ellis's school chugs right on along. How many students does she have now?

Love the scrip senor maybe ill ponderize it this week ;)

Sounds like youve been running all over the place mommy trying to get a hold of that coat for amy. Its always one thing or another isnt it?

The chinese is very "man man lai" as us mandarin speakers say - literally translated meaning slow slow come or slowly coming along. Right now I'm working on studying the characters found in the Book of Mormon so that I can actually be able to read it and share with investigators more easily.

Man ribs sound pretty good right now...

So in terms of what happened on this end this week it was kind of crazy. On Saturday night we got a call telling us that my companion, elder rock was moving to tai zhong to be our mission's financial secretary. Before it had been a senior couple but their mission is about to come to an end so they need them to train him and for him to serve in the interim until the new couple comes on board. Apparently he has some background in accounting so thats why they asked him to do it. Hes super stressed because the only other people in the office are like the assistants and the president and his wife. Butt because he moved out (one week early too) I got a new companion! His name is Elder xu and hes a "bendiren" or a native! Hes from taoyuan which is where the airport is here in Taiwan. It's kind of stressful but i'm really hoping that this will be a great opportunity for my language to improve a lot. I just barely met him so its hard to know how things are gonna turn out.

In terms of Sister Zhang, she's going to get baptized this Saturday! Next week after shes baptized ill probably write more about her because she's seriously the coolest ever.

We met Richard again this week and its super frustrating with him because he knows the Book of Mormon is true! Its just that literally all of his other friends are in another christian church and he's also in a christian band so he fears that if he joins the church he will lose all of the people around him that he loves most. Its a sticky situation. Maybe you guys can pray for him that he'll be able to have the faith to choose to be baptized and act on the answer he's received.

this week I was ponderizing Matthew 13:44. It says something about how the gospel is like a man  that finds a treasure in a field, the which when he finds it he selleth all that he hath and buyeth that field. I dont know why, i'm just always touched by this scripture every time i read it, A question that i used to allow myself to ponder it better this week was, Am i selling all that I have?

Anyways, not a lot of time because my new companion just got here and we got to do some stuff but i miss and love you guys a ton! I Hope you have a great week!!

Elder Nelson

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