Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015 First Week of New Area Gio Xiong


I tried to send some pics so i hope you got them. Im kinda behind on sending pics right now so the next couple weeks will hopefully have quite a few.

Sounds like you guys kinda got blasted by a storm. Over here we didn't get anything so I'm guessing the typhoon must have veered off at the last second. Make it to conference?

If smeag went on his mission at 18 id be pretty sad :( i want to see him before HE leaves for 2 years! haha ACT THROWBACKKK when does smeag have to take that thing?

Yeah Doctor Cook had a bunch of different teams working on different organs...have they had any breakthroughs recently?

Glad to hear that some of the antibiotic stuff is helping mom

I have no idea about the flu shot thing..

SMEAG good work in school whatt a stud!...told you he could do it

sounds like volunteering is a super cool opportunity mommy. Made some friends there as well ?

ahh that family reunion will be fun how long is it going to be?

How is it reading in the OT?

Yeah a lot of the members here like to practice english here as well. Im super lucky though because chinese is everywhere. I cant even imagine what its like trying tolearn the language and not being immersed thats got to be super tough for reed.

So this week a lot happened but looking back its hard to know what to tell you guys. We have 4 SUPER awesome baptismal goals right now. The first is zhang jie mei and her mom. We found her by calling through formers. Shes so prepared its unreal. Shes told us that she feels the spirit when she prays and she really understands how personal revelation and the scriptures work which is super rare in taiwan. She seems like shes already been a member for like 10 years. The second is lin shuai ge. Hes fourteen years old and super quiet but its hilarious because everytime we follow up with him on how his prayers have been going he says "hen bang!" and lights up, which just means awesome! The last is a guy named richard. Hes a drummer in another christian band, and in the past his preacher has bashedour church hard. He thought it was so cool how we didnt bash them back though, and hes told us that he knows that the book of mormon is true andwants to get baptized! Only problemis his work is in another church. Its been so cool to see how the Lord has delivered these people into our hands in such a short period of time.

Besides that the highlight was probably mommy's blueberry muffin mix. I had been saving it but i made it this Sunday for lunch. haha we don't have an oven so i had to improvise by putting it in a pan and putting it in our little toaster oven, making one big muffin. It was super great, that's a scientific miracle that they can only add water and make them.
I love you guys a ton and hope you have a great week!

Elder Nelson


P.S. Pls pray for David and his family, just found out his grandmother passed away..:(
great in school what a stud...told you he could do it


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