Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 12, 2015 First Transfer to Gio Xiong


Yeah we finally got to watch conference!! It was so nice to be able to just sit there and listen to the prophet speak. haha no i did not try to listen to it in Mandarin, i wanted to be able to enjoy it and not constantly be straining to try to pick out words here or there. Probably the biggest thing that i pulled from it was what Uchtdorf started the conference with from the get go, to simplify the gospel and to trust in God. Like sometimes there are tons of other things going on in our lives or we're confused about different small details of the church but what we really need to do is remember and rely on the simple, beautiful truths that are found in the gospel. You're right though, i was afraid that President Monson was going to collapse there at the end. I hope if it's his time to go he'll go quickly.

So crazy about mitch being home and speaking in sacrament. Yes I agree with him, i think a talk in mandarin is still harder than one in english.

I don't do any of my personal study in mandarin right now. The problem is i dont think i would get any spiritual benefit out of it if it was in mandarin haha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TINKS LAST WEEK AND SMEAG THIS WEEK. My goodness i cannot believe he's already 17. I thought i was still 17...Hope he likes what i got him and he hasnt peaked at all.

So awesome about the papers senor! and geez you're becoming famousamong the students over there. You should start charging or something haha

Scary about all of the shootings. What is going on in the world...

LETS GO STROSSSSSSSSSS They really have  come a long way haven't they...it's funny theres a guy here who follows baseball religiously and keeps telling me about the tai kong ren (literally space people - the translation of the astros) and how they're doing.

Okay btw you're not allowed to talk about sunday dinner anymore. It just makes me too jealous.

As far as running, my last companion would only run with me like 3 times a week for like 10 minutes. More to come on tht in a sec.

Wow phil's working like crazy. Hope he's still doing okay.

Woahhh you guys got a weedeater? Man things ARE gonna be completely different when i get back haha i thought dad would never buy a weedeater.

That will be fun to see Annie and the gang.

Sooo on this enddddd ummm well this last month me and my trainer had been saving up our money so last monday we went to THE Outback Steakhouse. haha the minute i saw that there was one in our area we decided that we had to go. I must say it was quite a beautiful thing eating an american steak with potatoes and veggies. The unlimited bread wasn't too bad either.

This wednesday for english class we threw a halloween party to try to give them a taste of some american culture. I dressed up as my companion, elder galura while he dressed up as the riddler. Oh and elder millett dressed up as the joker's girlfriend which was only slightly terrifying. haha

BUT the biggest news of all from this week would have to be that I AM NOW IN GAO XIONG WHATTTTTTTTT. We got a call Sunday morning saying that the next day (Today) I would be moving down to gaoxiong which is the second largest city in taiwan. I'm in a place called qian zhen ( ithink). We're living in a 4-man apartment which should be pretty fun. A new area also means a new companion, Elder Rock. He's from minnesota and seems decently cool. Hopefully with the change there will be the opportunity to run more. Im super pumped about a new start down here in gaoxiong but it was also super sad to say goodbye to everyone in feng jia.I made a lot of awesome friends there and met a lot of cool people. It also seemed like right as we were starting to get some success with having a few baptismal goals with investigators that president decided to move me here. We're going to be "white washing" which means neither me or my companion had been in this area previously so we're going to have to build the work from the ground up. Which means a lot of contacting and tracting...

I got a new camera because my old one broke so ill try to get some pics off if there's any time.

I love and miss you guys a ton and hope you have a great week!!!!

Elder Nelson


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