Monday, October 19, 2015

10/19/2015 Third Typhoon Coming - Foursome Apartment


Yayyyyyyyyyy another Typhoon is coming can't waitt. Actually typhoons are super obnoxious because even if they're not bad every one cancels.

You know Senor, I think you should just give everyone 100's. That way, everyone will love you and you'll only get good ratings haha

Cracker barrell yeahhhhh. I didnt even know we had one near our house. That famous chicken fried chicken. haha everyone here when they find out that im from texas instantly ask me one of three things 1)if im a cowboy 2)How's our fried chicken and 3)if i like riding horses

Sounds like the psychoticness of byu continues...smeag killin it in school which is sweet..haha the gift was legal kinda. And phil continues to be amazing working hard with sales. So awesome

Kade's going on a mission??? Thats so cool! Is it going to be a full 2 year mission?? That will probably be incredibly hard, but if anyone can do it he can.

DDD (Decisions Determine Destiny).  So trueee thats another thing that i feel like president monson has emphaszied throughout his life as a prophet. 

Wow sounds like Tim is going through a rough patch... Parasite??! Is he doing okay?

Sooo yeah this week has kind of been a crazy rollercoaster of ups and downs. We're now living in a 4 man apartment with the zone leaders, who are absolutely just the craziest dudes ever. Like they're always hugging each other and saying "I LOVE YOU MAN" and then burst into giggles and its just almost too much to handle haha.

My new companion is willing to wake up every morning so that i can go running which is a plus. Buttt because he likes to be back by 7 we are waking up at 6 15 instead of 6 30. Funny how much a difference 15 minutes makes. He even wanted to wake up at 6 instead. But yeah so i'm getting to run every day which is nice.

In terms of food, this week had a little bit of everything. I ate cow innards (didn't know what they were until after), chou dou fu huo guo ( tofu hotpot - for the first time!) and finished off the week with a pizza hut chi dao bao (buffet). The  innards were super nasty but the chou dou fu wasnt actually that bad.  One of our investigators works at pizza hut so we got a discount which meant we got to eat all you can eat pizza hut for the equivalent of like 6 american dollars wahoo.

This week we literally had to start from scratch, but we've seen a lot of miracles and been able to meet a lot of awesome people. We met a ZJT who has met with missionaries before and is really looking for direction in life and has felt the power of prayer. We also met a LSG who is excited about the possibility of a clean slate through baptism. We also met this guy who had met with missionaries before who said since he stopped meeting with missionaries he's been wanting to come back and feel the feelings he felt here. Then at the end of the week,  we met a LJT who wants to give their children the opportunity to be christian because of the examples of other Christians in their lives.

So God has blessed us a lot this week, but im not gonna lie this week has also been super hard. On smeag's bday i couldn't stop thinking about what was going on on the other side of the world for the celebration. I miss you guys. 

If you remember Elder Holland's talk, he said something like look to the 2 messianic figures in your life to get you through, Jesus Christ and your mom. I think that applies to our entire family, though. When things are hard, i think about trying to make you guys happy. I also turn to Christ. As i learned this week in 2 Nephi 19:2-6 Christ already broke every burden so that we can be comforted and receive strength to press on. 

I love you guys so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Nelson


P.S. Gonna send out Christmas presents via boat today (takes 2-3 months) so if you get a package from me don't open it until Dec 25th!

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