Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9/9/2015 First Visit to Taipei Temple

Herroooooo Famiryyyyyyyy

Sorry i didn't get anything off on monday we were on a short time schedule but now i have another hour wahooooooo.

Yes we just got a huge influx of new missionaries. Since i'm in training, i am staying another 6 weeks here in fengjia, and will probably be here even another 6 weeks after that because apparently missionaries stay in their first areas here for about 3 movecalls.

haha im gonna make this bike last as long as possible. The brakes were pretty terrible, like i was pressing down all the way and my bike would only stop after holding down for a while so i switched them out but besides that the thing is okay enough. Will try to make it last..

BYU WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT BYUBYUBYUBYUBYUBUBYU of course they have this amazing game the year i'm not there. I hate to be a pessimist but taysom is very good. Feel super bad for the guy, wonder if he'll be drafted. Dang UT starting out the year on a good note  ..

THROWBACK to that duke game senor! man that was a good game..

Glad to hear smeags got some good teachers that can make or break a year

I'm SO happy about Phils job but it sounds like its gonna be tough balancing everything. I hope he can get into a routine while also maybe being able to hold some connections at 24.

Hows the Fam history coming mommy?

Sounds like you're continuing to kill it with the papers senor..what classes are you taching this semester?

Hmmmm the But its good. if that makes any sense. I swear if they would just give us one more hour in the morning to sleep..

WAAAAAA MOMMYYYYYYY what are you doing sending me a package??? You're too good to me :) ill be looking for it! and im looking forward to the pics!!! that is literally what i've wanted the most! hjaha

Sounds like amys going crazy busy.
Glad to hear emilio has some sort of protective thing now..

Lol mom youre always on one project or another..dont know how you do it

So good to hear from you guys! As far as this week.....I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM IN TAIWAN WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Her name is Winnie if you remember  it was pretty small, just family and close friends. When we actually did the baptism, i was super nervous because of, course, it had to be in chinese and i had heard horror stories of having to do it like 15 times butttt it all turned out okay and i only had to do it once. She forgot to plug her nose and almost slipped but she made it so we're all good haha. Afterwards she bore a simple powerful testimony of how she knew Heavenly Father existed and i was so happy :') Ill try to attach some pics later if time. My cameras kinda been acting funny recently..Oh yeah and hilarious because apparently normally after a baptism its a semi-tradition to get a nice dinner to celebrate but my comp forgot and we were tight on time so we went to a hi life,(kinda like a 7 11) got some frozen food and ramen noodles and had the most nasty post baptism dinner ever haha. 

This last week we were also able to go to our trainer follow up meeting which was super fun! I got to see all of my old MTC friends and stuff. It was so weird because we had been through so much together at the MTC but it also felt so distant seeing them again. Like we have all experienced so much just in the short time that we've been here on the island but it was still super good to see them.

In terms of who we're working with right now, we have 4 or 5 progressing investigators. I guess ill just highlight one this week. Her name is Anna and she's super awesome. Not sure if ive told you about her before. She has a baptismal goal set for the 10th of October. Recently she had a real problem with the Word of Wisdom. BUTT the next time we brought a couple members with us and they bore testimony of the Word of Wisdom and she said she'd be willing to try and keep it so she continues to progress. PLus she's like the nicest person ever. Just super kind. Also found quite a few ppl this last week so we'll see...

Oh, and then today, we got to go to the temple in tai pei! Such an awesome experience! It was still in english but it was just SO good to be able to go and ponder and pray for a few hours. You take off your shoes before you enter in, as part of Taiwanese culture. Oh and then, later, i was able to do some sealings (which id never done before) and we were doing them for some ancienct chinese emperors to their wives! Like the temple president was telling us that some of the names were from like 800 BC! It was just so good..I know i dont fully understand the temple and may never will in this life but i feel like it does give us some sort of intangible strength.

From personal study this week, i really liked 3 Nephi 13L21. Where your treasure is there will your heart be also...If we have the right priorities and the right goals then that's where we will put all of our time and efforts. Sometimes i think its good to ponder on what our "treasures" are.

Anyways, i love and miss you guys a ton. So grateful for all of your love and support. Have a great week!

Elder Nelson


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