Monday, September 14, 2015

09/14/2015 Week After First Baptism

                                                        Winnie First Baptism in Taiwan

                                                       Andrew in Taiwan Traffic

                                                       Fudge on Departure to Military


haha senor ill have to look up how d&c 93 is translated into Chinese. There are no conjugations in Chinese but it has its own difficulties to say the least. Sometimes it gets super discouraging with a lesson like Chinese, like i feel like ill never be fluent in it. If you don't say everything with the exactly correct tone they're like what are you trying to say to me? haha

The baptism was an awesome experience for sure, especially in a place like Taiwan where the baptisms are not as frequent as in some other places. Honestly I will be happy if that is the only person that i have the opportunity to baptize on my mission. Remember D&C 18..


Glad to hear phil is adjusting, as best as he can to the new job. Really hope it works out for them okay. Sounds like smeag's course load is actually hard, which i could have predicted. He can do it though, he's a stud. hahaha carrying Trip up the hill

Woahhh its like winter down there! 58 degrees...still summer on this end.

Sounds like patients are same old, same old...

haha im not gonna lie senor i laughed out loud picturing you trying to use a smartphone. I still cant believe you guys all have smart phones. It really is the last days.

Aunt Deann is too good to us! Im riding this old thing right now, but it is having a couple of problems so we'll see. Should i just go ahead and buy a new one? 

Did the Lin's give their talk in english or chinese? :)

Sounds like youre keeping busy mommy, VT'ing, volunteering at resale, yardwork. You're amazing!

Sounds like you guys will be having a few party days with captain haydo..

I can't believe Amy is a senior really it blows my mind..what's even crazier is that when i get back all of my friends will be seniors too

Ohhhhhh you guys started watching white collar? is it actually good? If i remember correctly you guys started it before and it was boring

Wow halloween with tinks last year seems so long ago. haha he was not a very happy camper in that costume last time.

The food is good. It's hilarious because i think in the past like 6 years of my life i've never stopped having 2 pb and js for lunch and it has continued on the mission. Not sure how much longer i'll be able to afford it though haha. Last Friday I was reminiscing on pizza fridays so i convinced my companion to go to this pizza joint and i ordered the most american pizza that they had. Ate an entire large pizza and nearly half of my companions. It's funny how it's the little things that you miss haha

Honestly im really lucky to have the companion that i do. I've seen some of the other missionaries in our zone and i know that Heavenly Father is directing this work..

The traffic is Taiwan traffic haha. I've almost been run over quite a few times. This week in particular it seemed like the cars were trying to take out the missionaries not exactly sure why

The people here are awesome. And there are A LOT of them. I thought there were a lot of people when I first got here but today college started and the university was PACKED. You canbarely maneuver down the night market now. haha I wish you guys could experience it for just a day..

Oh hey mommy i sent a package a while ago to make sure that it would get there in time for your bday coming up but not sure if you got it..Also you would laugh because every week this lady brings this super ugly flower and puts it at the front of the chapel off to the side. It reminded me of how shameful you thought the floral decorations were in our home ward.

Anna and Kelly continue to be super awesome. They're coming to church with us every week. The main problem with Anna is her being able to give up her previous buddhist beliefs. We're trying to help her see that the God that she previously believed in is the same God, we're just adding more truth to her understanding. She's also super stressed out with her english test coming up. Kelly's main problem is she has no time. She's essentially a single mom with her husband working in china, and she's working and taking care of her kid who's a handful. Buttt a lot of the mom's at church are fellowshipping her a ton and trying to help her out. She feels the spirit at church, now we just need to help her realize the importance of the Book of Mormon. 

Fudge ( the member who's in a screamo band here) is leaving for his required military service so that was sad. He helps us in lessons a lot and has been a big help. I think he was more sad about having to cut his hair though..

In personal study, 4 Nephi 1:15 really stuck out to me this week. It's when we are constantly striving to have that true love of God in our hearts that we are able become more like him because God is love. 

Speaking of love, I love you guys so much and am so thankful for your prayers and support! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Nelson


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